The Best Goose Hunting – Longmont CO

Best Goose Hunting On The Front Range!

Our Newest Property is Our Most Productive!

Goose hunting in Longmont can be the most productive along the Front Range in Colorado

Join us in Longmont for the most productive Goose Hunting along the Front Range! This is open field hunting using layout blinds. We are adjacent to water and this property is in the heart of the Colorado flyway.

Goose Hunting in Longmont Quick Facts:

Hunting Location: Longmont, CO
Hunter Capacity: 3 to 6
Hunting Dates: Today through February 16, 2015
Bird Species: Canadian Geese
We Provide: Guides, Blinds, Decoys

New Year’s Special Goose Hunting in Colorado Prices:

Geese flying at sunsetWe are extending our New Years Specials to this additional Longmont Goose Hunting property – if you act now!

Guided Goose Hunt  – $250/person/day (Current Promo Rate = $199)

  • 1 guide per group
  • 3 Hunter Minimum
  • Decoy set-up and tear down
  • Layout Blinds

Youth Goose Hunt – $150/person/day (Current Promo Rate = $99)
14 and under (proof of age required)

front range goose hunting longmont co

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Goose Hunting Tips:

Here are some tips to help insure that you will have a fun, productive goose hunt:

  • Get to the Range – Be sure to shoot plenty of target clays to work on your marksmanship. It’s fun and it cuts down on near misses on the day of the hunt. (They are always near misses, aren’t they?)
  • Hide Well – We use layout blinds on this property, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear appropriate camo. White if there is snow on the ground, woodland for clear days.
  • Stay Perfectly Still – Whatever is moving is what the geese with checkout very carefully. If you draw their attention, they will be sure to flare off. Decoys move, hunters don’t!
  • Patience –  We have seen geese circling 7, 9 even 10 times at high altitude before coming down to feed with the flock. Keep cool and don’t jump the gun, nobody moves until the shot is called.
  • Carry Different Calls – Canadian geese are talkative. They have a language with over 20 distinct sounds. The longer flutes have fallen out of favor. They could produce about 12 different sounds, but today’s short reeds can produce about 20 different sounds for greater versatility. An acrylic short reed goose call produces a loud high-pitched, sharp tone is great for field hunting or those windy Colorado days. These short reed calls don’t  A wooden short reed call typically creates a softer, deeper more natural tone. Be sure to have both of these calls available. Be sure to practice every evening right there in your living room!

The Front Range of Colorado is an excellent environment for Canadian Geese. The area north of Longmont is particularly productive due to the many lakes spread throughout the area. If you want the best goose hunting in Longmont and along the front range, please give us a call!