Rules and Regulations

Responsibility and respect. Keep things fun and safe.
Nature awaits.

For All Hunting and Activities at the Game Resort

1. All hunters will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability prior to hunts.

2. Some blaze orange clothing, ear protection and eye protection is strongly recommended.

3. No alcohol prior to or during hunts.

4. No legal or illegal drugs at any time.

5. Firearms are to be unloaded with actions opened until hunters arrive at the assigned hunting location. Firearms are to be unloaded and actions opened when hunters leave the hunting area. Shot size is limited to #5 or smaller 12 and 16 gauge shells limited to 2 ¾ inches. Smaller gauge shells restricted to no more than 3 inches.

6. No shooting at or within 500 feet of any building. No shooting within 50 feet of any public roadway.

7. Treat dogs with the same respect as you would treat a person. Any injury to a dog due to abuse or negligent use of a firearm will be subject to termination of hunt and / or membership, and all costs will be covered by the offender. Cost of replacing a hunting dog up to $10,000.

8. No trespassing on neighboring property or leaving your hunting area to hunt elsewhere on the preserve without permission.

9. No shooting of birds on the ground.

10. Sportsmanlike conduct and proper safety precautions are required at all times. Longmeadow management reserves the right to remove anyone acting in a way that is deemed inappropriate.

11. In non-guided hunts, dogs are to be under owners or handler’s control at all times.

12. Shooting of non-preserve wildlife is prohibited.

13. The cost of any property damage due to abuse or neglect will be the responsibility of the offender.