Perfect Venue for Your Quinceañera

A grand coming of age in the Latino culture is that of the Quinceañera. The wonderful celebrations honor our young ladies and treat them like the princesas they are. Planning for the Quinceañera is very exciting but can be stressful too. There is much to consider when putting together such an important event. Finding the perfect venue for your Quinceañera includes more that just looking at the available party space; the perfect venue combines beauty, accessibility, ease of planning, and hopefully makes everyone’s lives easier, especially for Mamá, Abuelita, and all your Tías. At Longmeadow Event Center, we are sure we can be the perfect venue for your Quinceañera.


Longmeadow Event Center offers on-site lodging as well as space for RV’s. You and your court of honor can stay in our beautiful on-site lodging. Rooms are either double rooms (which can sleep 4) or king-size suites. Each room has peaceful scenic prairie views and all the amenities you could ask for. See a full list of accommodations here.






Prep Area

Get ready for your quinceañera in our on-site dressing rooms. With a collapsible wall, you and your girls will be plenty comfortable getting your hair and makeup done. There is even a TV to entertain everyone on the men’s side of the room.


The Longmeadow Event Center is the perfect venue for your quinceañera because we can accommodate so many with both indoor or outdoor ceremony setups. Hold your mass at a local church or even on-site at Longmeadow. Our covered patio and fountain make a beautiful outdoor setting. Decor, floor plans, and even gobo lights are all customize-able.


Bar and Lounge

Next to our 4,000 SqFt ballroom, Longmeadow hosts an 1,800 SqFt adjoining bar. The bar itself is accessible from both the ballroom and the bar sides and is well tended by our Spanish-speaking staff. Of course, our bar also boasts a great big screen TV and is home to the Longmeadow Bartop Brides Hall of Fame. See full list of features here.

1113big-screen-behind-the-barIMG_03202014-04-10 11.33.36

On-Site Catering

Mamá, Abuelita, and all your Tías are going to love not having to cook for your quinceañera. Choose from any type of cuisine to include timeless favorites like BBQ or Longmeadow specialties like Bacon-Wrapped Dove. We’re happy to make your quinceañera a delicious event! See full menu here.

Bacon Jalapeno Dove Poppers food


Before or after your quinceañera, schedule an on-site hunt. Longmeadow can tailor a hunting package for your family and friends. Enjoy our guided tours or enjoy trap shooting from our trap tower. See the list of our hunting packages here.

Prairie dog hunting in colorado   Hunting Prairie Dogs in Colorado has never been easier!2015-05-30 15.00.26

On-site Games

For family fun, there are horseshoe and cornhole games. Also, we have an ATV Train for the niños.

2015-05-30 13.54.02 2015-05-30 14.15.56

At Longmeadow Event Center, we will make your quinceañera as special as you are. We are a full-service event center with lodging, catering, set-up and tear-down, and entertainment. Check us out and see why we’re the perfect venue for your quinceañera with all the amenities you could ever need.

DSC_4229_DxO         Wedding-Slider-reception-hall-setup-720x313

Should I Hire A Wedding Planner – 5 Considerations for Every Bride

The decision to hire a wedding planner is a very personal one! At Longmeadow Event Center, we have had the opportunity to work with a great many wedding planners, and we have had great experiences working with them.

Advise on hiring a wedding planner from a wedding event venue in Colorado

Here are our 5 considerations to help you decide if a wedding planner is right for you:

  1. Time – This is the big one. A wedding planner can reduce stress and save you lots of time. Ask yourself this, “Do I want to get into the nitty gritty details of everything?” If you are a detail oriented person, that’s great. But if you want to make the big decisions and leave the legwork to someone else, a wedding planner may be right for you.
  2. Fun – Some parts of planning a wedding is great fun. Tasting cake comes to mind, but do you really want to be the one arranging transportation to and from the church and/or reception hall. With a wedding planner you can take on the tasks you will enjoy and leave the scut work to the wedding planner.
  3. Shopping for Vendors – Who will do the flowers, catering, photography, etc? Professional wedding planners cultivate relationships with vendors and they typically know the good from the bad. They sometimes have pre-negotiated rates that can save you some money, but don’t expect the savings to cover the full cost of the planner. Be careful here, some wedding planners get paid a kickback from certain vendors for steering couples their way. Be sure to read the planner’s contract and ask about these fees.
  4. Things Go Wrong – This may be the best reason to hire a wedding planner. Inevitably something (or things) will go wrong. If these problems occur before the wedding, you have time to fix it, but if the happen during the wedding (and they will) you can be distracted from your special day.
  5. Cost – Different levels of service are available, from day of coordination only to full blown wedding coordination. As a general rule, expect your wedding planner to cost about 10% of the total cost of the wedding. If this is something you can afford, that’s great! But if you would rather put the money toward a really great honeymoon, or the down payment on your new home you may want to skip the planner and do the job yourself.

5 considerations for hiring a wedding event planner

Our best advise is to sit down as a couple and discuss the following things:

  • Overall budget – Is a wedding planner even a possibility?
  • Helpers – Is the bride’s sister, dying to organize the wedding?
  • Who’s out there – Research local wedding planners and get a feel for their services and costs.

It’s your wedding and on your special day, be sure to make a decision that’s best for you!

Our Favorite Wedding Sites

While helping plan my sister’s wedding, it was easy to get overwhelmed with all the info, photos, and ideas out there. I also didn’t want to forget anything crucial. There’s definitely a lot to think about with a wedding. At Longmeadow Event Center, we don’t want you to stress about making your day special. So, to help you keep your sanity while considering every detail, check out our favorite wedding sites that offer beautiful, cost-effective, and fresh ideas.


Longmeadow Event Center country wedding venueFor a beautiful country chic wedding, start with the Rustic Wedding Guide. They offer listings of venues, photographers, invitation creators, dress shops, bakeries, florists, decorators, and planners categorized by state to find plenty of great resources for your area. Be sure to check the blog link for great rustic wedding ideas from backyard to farm to western rustic weddings. Don’t forget the “Ask Maggie” tab if you have any concerns or want to see the advice she’s offered to other brides.



intimateweddingsConcerned about the budget? Check out this great list of sweet and affordable weddings from Intimate Weddings. They are one of our favorite wedding sites because they give so many great ideas for making your day special while keeping things intimate and affordable. They still offer vendor listings while also supplying an awesome “DIY Weddings” guide full of ideas and tutorials. Intimate Weddings shows you how to create your own gifts, decor, and even bouquets. You, too, can have that beautiful wedding you’ve seen on Pinterest.




bridalguideWhen planning your wedding, don’t forget your new hubby’s favorite part: the honeymoon 😉 The Bridal Guide offers a great planner for your honeymoon. It details the best locations, themes, and times for your honeymoon. Like our other favorite wedding sites, the Bridal Guide has a detailed listing of vendors for your special day. It also offers a great “Countdown Calendar” and Budget guide in their Planning tab to help you pace everything. The Bridal Guide is also great at including the wedding etiquette tips to make sure your special day is as special for your guests as it is for you.



weddingpartyOne of the most memorable things about your wedding day will be the fashion. Wedding Party is one of our favorite wedding sites because their fashion blogs are positively addictive. Their “Style” tab takes you through some of the most beautiful, ethereal goddess looks to the fun and wild “color run”-type of engagement photo sessions. Their “Etiquette” section gives great tips on everything from managing your new mother-in-law’s “help” to how to take the best engagement ring selfie. One of the greatest things about Wedding Party is the ability to create your free wedding app. It allows you to manage photos, share messages with guests and the bridal party, entertain guests with a mobile photo booth, and get planning help and tips.


offbeatbrideWant a wedding that is as unique as you are? Search no further than the Offbeat Bride. This site is one of our favorites because it offers great advice with just a hint of brutal truth; think of the fun way you can be real with your best girlfriend. Their blogs offer great advice from what to wear under your dress to the unspoken advice most photographers wish their clients knew. Their posts center around gorgeous, vintage engagement rings, theme weddings, and advice categorized by your type of wedding. The Offbeat Bride encourages everyone to “Altar Your Thinking.” So if you’re searching for something unexpected or just want to check out the wedding advice, check out this favorite site of ours.


We are here to make sure your day is everything you’ve dreamed of. Any ideas from our favorite wedding sites can be brought to life at Longmeadow Event Center. Don’t forget you, too, can be part of our Bartop Brides Hall of Fame, only at Longmeadow.


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20 Wedding Tips From a the Owner of a Wedding Venue

A picture of a groom kissing a bride while their friend happily throw rice into the air around them

Planning the biggest day of your life can be a very time consuming and daunting task. So in order to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with weddings, here are 20 wedding tips from Heath Stencel that should help you along the way. Over the years, Heath has managed hundreds of weddings at Longmeadow Game Resort and Event Center and he has some unique insights on how to make the most of your special day!

  1. Research, Research, Research – Make sure you do your research before deciding on the location of your wedding, especially if the goal is to get the best bang for your buck. Many people decide on the home wedding far too soon assuming that it will be much cheaper but find out too late that, not only was it more expensive, it ended up being a mountain of work and responsibility for everyone involved. Just renting a tent to keep your guests out of the weather can cost between $5,000 and $7,000 and that does not even include any sort of climate control. In most cases, you can book a very nice venue for that amount and get much more than just a tent.
  2. Save yourself the grief and skip the seating chart! – Assembling a seating chart for hundreds of people is like playing emotional Tetris. You will never get all of the pieces/people to fit together perfectly; and why should it be your responsibility to try? Seating charts almost always lead to mountains of stress, fights, tears and hard feelings. Always remember, this day is about YOU not about your crazy aunt Lily and the inappropriate things she might say. At the end of the day, a seat at a wedding is only the duration of a bad B movie, and how many of those have you suffered through.
  3. Plan the Day – Want to avoid unnecessary stress on your wedding day? Take the extra time to organize the details of the day. There are literally hundreds of tools available on the net and in stores that make it so easy to do. The best ones are tutorial, organization, checklist combo’s that walk you through the entire wedding planning process. Trust us, a little extra time up front will save you a lot of headaches in the end.
  4. A photo of a wedding toast with three glasses of champagneThe “Champagne Toast” doesn’t need to be with Champagne – In our experience, purchasing Champagne for everyone at your wedding is a waste of money because, at best, most of your guests will just take a sip and leave the rest. So save the money and spend it on something you know your guests will appreciate and consume.
  5. Kids Zone – Kids are the light of our lives, however, they can be the darkness of your wedding day if allowed to run wild. So, our recommendation, provide separate entertainment for the children that is near enough to the adults that they can easily be supervised but far enough away that they are not under foot. Bounce houses work great for this!
  6. Photo Fun – Want to get some really exciting and hilarious pictures at your wedding without breaking the bank on a photo both or extra photographers? Simply put some cheap or even disposable cameras on each table and scatter some props throughout the wedding space with which people can have some photo fun. You can even take it a step further and turn it into a sort of scavenger hunt by placing cards at each table asking guests for a certain type of photo, a photo of a certain person or a photo of someone doing something “specific”. You will be amazed at what you get back!Dancing couples during party or wedding celebration
  7. Don’t skimp on the DJ! – A good DJ is key in making your special day spectacular. Your DJ will be the MC and organizer of the evening’s events so take your time, do your research and pick a good one. A standout DJ should not only have great lighting, sound and music but should be professional, organized, entertaining and, most importantly, a master of ceremonies. So save a little extra coin to invest in that perfect DJ.
  8. Wedding Slider reception hall setupVenue, Venue, Venue – Unlike real estate, the physical location of your venue is not as important as it is that it fits you. Remember, this is your special day and, in most cases, the venue is the most important piece of the puzzle. So make sure to be true to yourself and choose the perfect venue for you. The people who truly care will be there regardless of the location.
  9. Be selfish – keep the wedding day focused on you and it will be much more enjoyable and far less stressful. Too often, people try to plan their wedding around other people’s wants and needs in mind. This approach makes planning YOUR special day miserable because you are trying to accomplish the impossible! You are trying to please everyone and it cannot be done. So, keep the focus where is should be, on you.
  10. A picture of a wedding planner fixing a bride's hairDon’t be stressed, be blessed with the help of a good wedding coordinator! – Wedding/Event Coordinators are invaluable. Even if you don’t want to go to the added expense of hiring a wedding coordinator, you can choose a venue who provides one. A good event coordinator can eliminate or at least dramatically reduce the stress on your wedding day. This small piece of the puzzle will make the day astoundingly more enjoyable for everyone involved.
  11. “Don’t sweat the little things.” – There are a million details in the day but you are the only one that knows them all so, for your sanity’s sake, try not to fixate on every little thing that doesn’t go as planned. In most cases, your guests will never know the difference. Sometimes the most memorable parts of your wedding day are the unexpected curves that the day throws at you.
  12. Personalize the event – Make the guests feel like part of the wedding by including pictures of them in the decor or as part of a running slide show during the reception. This helps remind everyone that they have played a special role in your life and have a special role to play in your wedding. Will help set the mood for the reception and also serve as great conversation starters.
  13. Do your research – When choosing a venue, always ask for references and/or research customer feedback. There are many beautiful facilities out there but very few have the “complete package” so make sure to take the time to do your research. Customer service, flexibility, staff and the personal touches are the things that usually make your day and are the things that are most often neglected but NOT at Longmeadow. Those things are what set us apart.
  14. Prioritize! – You want the whole day to be a celebration of the rest of your lives. You want people to walk away saying, ‘That was so much fun.’ And we were able to accomplish that. Choose the few things that are really important to you and then go from there. Be flexible on the other details and remember to have fun.
  15. Book Early – Most people get engaged over the holidays and most good venues book out 6-12 months. So, if you are looking to tie the knot in 2016 you better get started right away before all the good venues are booked for the season.
  16. Feed the Children – Consider adding a kids meal to your next wedding or event. Even if you have a buffet style service, most good caterers or venues will plate and serve a kids meal at your request. This not only simplifies and speeds up the dinner service but makes the entire meal cheaper for you and more convenient for parents and guests. Not to mention the kids get a meal that they will enjoy and can eat with little assistance from their parents.
  17. Lights! – A very simple, inexpensive and elegant way to dress up your wedding and eliminate tedious decorating is to ask your DJ or decorator about lighting options. Things like up-lighting on the walls, table lighting, and projections will make your reception hall look like you blew your budget on decorating when, in fact, you spent very little time or money to make the room look spectacular.
  18. Take your time when planning your wedding. – As long as you get started right away, the more time you allow to plan the day the less stressful and more enjoyable it will be. Additionally, the more time you have to plan the more time you have to save for those extra’s that will make the day that much more special.
  19. A picture of a wedding cake backlit by several strands of white lightsBe Flexible on Schedule – May through October is the most popular time to schedule a wedding, which also means these months are the most expensive. Caterers, reception halls and other vendors are much more likely to offer better pricing – or be willing to negotiate on costs – if you set the date during the slower months, such as January, March or November. You can also lower your costs by avoiding a wedding on a Saturday night, the busiest time for receptions. Why not pick an afternoon affair or a Friday night instead?
  20. Relax and Have Fun! – Remember this is your day. Put yourselves and your desires first. Don’t let concerns around friends and family stress you out. It’s your wedding, not theirs!


Tips For Planning Your Holiday Party

Whether it is big or small, planning a holiday party can be a nerve wracking experience. We know, we plan a lot of parties at Longmeadow Game Resort & Event Center. Here are some tips to help you make your event a success:

Group of friends a toast to the cheers of cognac or brandy.

  1. Spend ample time planning your event: As any good project manager will tell you, effective planning is the key to a successful event. You should make sure that before your party every aspect of the night has been considered and addressed appropriately. Everything from what you need to buy at the grocery store, to what music you will play, to where you will keep the guests coats will need to be taken into account prior to the day of the party. There is nothing worse than realizing at the very last minute as guests begin to arrive, that you forgot to buy eggnog to mix with your epic cache of spiced rum and festive spirits.Happy friends drinking champagne in limousine on a night out
  2. Choose a date that works for key guests: Choosing a date for your party can be daunting task, especially when trying to accommodate the schedules of 20 or more individuals. However, determining which guests are vital to the success of the party will help you decide whose schedules will have priority. For professional gatherings such as company holiday parties, this process can be as simple as working around the schedules of top management. Things become slightly more complicated in terms of informal, personal events where you must decide which of your friends and family will be most crucial to the success of the party.
  3. Use a invitation style that fits your demographic: This point also pertains to the difference between planning a professional party versus one held in your living room. Both of these types of events require that you send out invitations to prospective guests, (otherwise how will people know to show up), but deciding what type of invitations to send out can be just as important as choosing to whom to send them. In a professional situation where there is a higher level of sophistication it may be necessary to send out well-made and festive physical invitations, however, it could also be the case that a company memo or email to the employees is all that is required. On the informal side of things, it is important to consider the technological capability of your guests. If your are throwing a dorm party for a bunch f college kids e-vites will probably do the trick, but if you’re having a get together for retirees at the country club, it might be better to send out actual invites in the mail. Festive Christmas or wedding table with red napkins on a white tablecloth
  4. Take the time to find some amazing recipes: This means not only finding foods and deserts that your guests will enjoy and tell their friends about, but also choosing the right dishes to fit the atmosphere that you are trying to cultivate. A sit down dinner party will require vastly different dishes than a company holiday party, and as such you should be sure to plan accordingly. In general is it important to choose recipes that are cheap and easy to make, yet that still provide that wow factor that will help ensure that your party is a fun and memorable experience. Some fun and festive examples of easy-to-make, easy-to-eat party hors d’oeuvres include cinnamon baked caramel apple slices, any pumpkin, eggnog, or candy cane flavored finger foods and deserts, and any number of charcuterie dishes.
  5. Find an appropriate venue: Perhaps the most crucial aspect of planning a successful holiday party is deciding the perfect location. In some cases this may very well be your house, but even in these situations it is still important to consider where the focal point of the party will be, and what areas will be off limit to guests. On the other hand, some events require larger spaces and professional venues.

Happy funny people. Christmas. Party. Isolated over white background

At Longmeadow we host all kinds of parties in our 4000 square foot ballroom, but holiday parties are by far our favorite! It’s a time for people to let their hair down and live it up. We always sell out our lodging so guests who have had a little to much Christmas Cheer won’t have to drive. In addition to having fun, it’s important to be safe!

Chukar Hunting at Longmeadow

One of the best game birds is the Chukar. Unfortunately, this elusive bird can frustrate many hunters. Known for their love of rocky terrain and high altitudes, these birds can make any hunter question his training. Trekking up a mountain may lead to a reward or will leave a hunter empty-handed. Luckily however, Chukar hunting at Longmeadow Game Resort offers a fun and successful hunting experience for hunters of all levels.

Chukar hunting in Colorado at Longmeadow Game Resort

The name for this game bird actually comes from its rally call. Most hunters who have hunted these birds have been frustrated with rocky and rugged terrain and while this isn’t an issue at Longmeadow, the Chukar is known for sprinting uphill and flying downhill. A hunter’s best strategy lies in being able to find this sagebrush-loving bird by its water sources and must anticipate its moves before the Chukar’s eagle-like eyes spot him. For too many hunters, luck is not enough to have a successful hunt. At Longmeadow, we want you to enjoy the hunt as much as possible and to still be within reach of all amenities you may desire. Here are some of our best suggestions for successful chukar hunting:

Gun Choice

  • 12 gauge is a terrific shotgun for shooting chukars, but by the end of the day, it can feel like you’re lugging a Howitzer around.
  • Opt instead for a lighter 20 or 16 gauge, preferably a semi-automatic that will allow five shots for a fast turnaround. Rounds 3 through 5 will account for many birds if you miss that first shot.
  • Changeable chokes that let you alter the pattern and range are a good idea as the birds fly differently depending on the day. Sometimes Chukar flush underfoot; sometimes your dog will flush them 30 to 50 yards away. If this is the case, a tighter choke can give you the extra yardage you need.
  • For ammo #5’s thru #8’s and with loads from 7/8 oz to 1 3/8 oz in lead and 3/4 oz loads of #7 steel will do just fine.  Be sure that your gun pattern well with whatever load you choose.
  • Walk the perimeter of a pond, or along a creek working you way out in larger and larger circles.

Chukar hunter with dog in field

Hunting with Dogs

Chukar hunting with dogs can be extremely beneficial for staying ahead of these sometimes elusive birds. Remember: Chukar can run 28 miles per hour (45 kilometers per hour) uphill. You can’t. Your dog can’t. Try different methods to trap and flush out these birds.

Chukar Strategy #1 – Two Hunters, One Dog.

  • If your dog has been trained on directionals, guide your flusher to hunt from a little below the low hunter’s parallel up through about 35 to 50 yards above the high hunter.
  • Let your pointer work the same range
  • Trust your dog, if he gets birdy and heads inland, follow him! You will likely be rewarded.

Chukar Strategy #2 – Two Hunters, Two Dogs.

  • Can be advantageous to hunt different elevation contours a couple hundred yards apart.
  • If you are the low man, signal the high man and let your dog track the covey uphill at a reasonable speed.
  • If you are the high man, watch the low dog and slowly make your way downhill to his position. As the two parties converge, the covey will often hold for a good shooting opportunity.
  • The chukars can’t run uphill because the high man is there and they don’t want to fly downhill past the low man.

Chukar Strategy #3 – Hunting without a dog.

  • Good luck. You’re gonna need it. I’m only half kidding, it’s a lot harder
  • You are going to have to rely on your eyes, ears and chukar knowledge, instead of your dog’s nose and hunting instinct.
  • Try using a chukar call.
  • If you manage to locate a covey of chukar by sight or sound, try to get above them and come down on top of the buggers.
  • Once you’ve moved a covey, try to spot where the main group touches down. The chukars may land out of sight, but at the very least, you have an idea where they’ve gone.



  • Squirrel call makes one of the best chukar sounds. It looks and is used just like a standard chukar call, wood barrel on one end powered by a rubber bellows on the other which you tap with your hand.

  • Start by pointing the barrel of the call toward the area targeted

  • Compress the bellows of the call against the palm of other hand, hard at first then tapering off in volume but increasing in cadence for a total of 10 chuks or so

  • Listen for a minute or two and then repeat the call, usually pointed at another hillside.

  • If you haven’t seen or heard any chukars for awhile, combine calling with a rest stop.

  • Source:

best chukar hunting in Colorado is at Longmeadow

Follow these tips and tricks of the trade from your hunting guides to have the best possible chukar hunting experience at Longmeadow. rather than being outfoxed by these elusive birds, you’ll have the confidence to prove the victor of the day. No more will you have to fear the “How’d you do today?” or answer with defeat. Instead, belly up to our bar, complete with TV and WiFi, and regale all your friends with the success of your hunt.

Wedding Reception Bar and Lounge at Longmeadow Event Center and Game Resort




Sexiest Bridesmaid Dresses

At Longmeadow Event Center, we love to make your special day even more amazing. We’ve played around with some of the ugliest bridesmaid dresses, but we must be honest that they’re no true companion for the sexy wedding dress of your dreams. To compliment your sexy wedding dress, lingerie, and shoes, your girls must be in your choice of the sexiest bridesmaid dresses. Check out our favorites here.


goldFor all out glitz and sex appeal, this dress combines just enough tease with expertly placed jewels. Any bridesmaid will stand out in this amazing number.



red2For a more traditional look, try this taffeta number on for size. Combining a sweetheart neckline with a micro mini skirt, this dress is sure to catch attention. Baring just enough skin, this dress also employs a waist-cinching bow to highlight her curves.



ambrosia For the voluptuous bridesmaids, play up those curves that won’t quit in a deep-plunging surplus bodice. A rouched skirt plays up an hourglass shape, while she will look sexy and classy standing next to you.



honeyLong dresses can be sexy too. This flowy chiffon gown exposes just enough skin in the deep v-neck and bare back. The delicate touch of this dress whispers a subtle sexiness.



leadBut, if subtle isn’t your style, don’t hesitate to dazzle in this sparkly mini. Optical illusion nude material will keep eyes glued to her sexy silhouette.



pinkTrying to keep things a little more demure? Opt for a delicate ruffle framing her neckline, but be sure to throw in a super high side slit. You know, for just enough sex appeal.



TURQUOISEAlso with a sexy side slit, this gown covers enough to please mom and grandma but still wows. The sparkle stands out beautifully in one of the sexiest bridesmaid dresses we’ve ever seen.



dakotaGot a hankering for coral? Not only does this color look great on every skin tone, but also this fit flatters curves or creates them with a slim waist and cascading hemline. She will be sweet, sassy, and sexy in this dress.



fuchsiaHere’s a sexy take on the one shoulder look. An asymmetrical lace panel creates a beautiful curve to the hips and bares her back.



greenAlso exposing her back, this multi-colored gown is guaranteed to make her feel like a goddess while teasing everyone else with peek-a-boos of skin.



redIf you want to bare without baring all, opt for nude illusions under gorgeous embroidered patterns.



oneshoulderA more traditional one-shoulder look teases with a flirty handkerchief hemline. A high-low skirt draws attention to lovely legs and will look great on the dance floor.



yellowSweet and sexy defines this sunny favorite. A halter neckline plays up the bust and creates feminine curves. The tulip skirt tickles just above the knees for an extra tease.



plumThe two-tone dress cinches in an unbelievable waist while the sash trails down her hip. Channel the va-va-voom of old Hollywood with this beautiful satin and luscious, loose waves.



PLATINUMWant a showstopper? Look no further than this sparkling masterpiece. Combining a sweetheart neckline, peek-a-boo panels, and a glittering belt, this is easily one of the sexiest bridesmaid dresses anyone has ever seen.



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