Longmeadow Clays Club 100+100 Grand Opening!

Join us at Longmeadow on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 for the Longmeadow Clays Club 100+100 GRAND OPENING!!!! $5 from every entry fee will be donated to the Wiggins Community Fund. In addition, shooters participating in the main event will have a chance to win a brand new BERETTA SHOTGUN!!!! The winner of the raffle will be announced after the second 100 clays have been shot. Hope to see you there!!!!! Call to register at (970) 483-8368

Longmeadow Sporting Clays Club 100+100 Grand Opening

Tips on Planning your Wedding

I was engaged in October and married in June because I didn’t want to wait. Other people prefer to have more time and are engaged for a year or longer before their wedding day.

There are so many different decisions to make when it comes to the big day!  Whether you are on a small budget or no limit, the basic decisions are the same. The other big factor in your wedding planning is the amount of time between getting engaged and getting married.


Now that you are engaged!!

The key things to think about first:

  • What time of year do you want to get married?
  • How many people do you want in your bridal party?
  • Do you want a big or small wedding?
  • Colors?

Next few key questions:

  • What is your ideal date?
  • Ideal location?
  • Budget?

What time of year is the first question because it has a lot to do with the colors, location, indoors or outdoors, cake, flowers, and attire for the wedding party. The time of year also has a lot to do with the budget. Even though, pretty much year round is wedding season, there are places, flowers, cake, and attire less/more expensive depending on the season. 

Ideal date, location and budget are in the second set of questions because depending on your date and location or if you choose a destination wedding, the budget can change drastically just from those few questions being answered.

If you have a short engagement like I did, you can either skip the save the date in the mail. I actually made my Christmas cards our engagement photo/save the date/ Merry Christmas.

Generally speaking, the venue (location) for the wedding is the first thing you will need to book as soon as you decide on it. The venues fill up fast and you don’t want to miss getting married on the date you want. 


I crammed 12+ months worth of planning into 9 months. If you are not an organized person there are different wedding sites and apps or you can do it the old fashion way and print out a checklist. I used theKnot.com for my planning and downloaded the app. Below is a “Snap-Shot” of what theKnot.com helps with: checklist, budget, website, guest list, registry, etc. 

An example of a wedding profile on the knot.comI found the colors, flowers, suits, dresses (even my dress) and cake style pictures all before I ever went and looked anywhere. TheKnot.com allows you to save pictures into your favorites for items you find on their site, and they are linked to shops in your area where you could go look and/or buy what you have selected for your favorites. 


Pinterest as we all know is another great place to save a wedding file of pictures for the big day. I am a bargain shopper and generally will shop throughout the year when items are on sale to get what I want for less and just hold onto it until I need it. 

Zulily.com and Etsy.com are great places to get table decorations, place cards, programs, fans, aisle runners, guest party favors, etc.


I am a planner, so if you are not a planner, I would say make sure you have a checklist of some sort so you don’t forget something on your wedding day! The wedding day is for you and your groom to enjoy and make memories of the happiest day of your life!

Shoot Results for Longmeadow 100

Longmeadow 100 Shoot Results for 3/11/17

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks all who participated in this event! We encourage anyone and everyone to join the next shoot on April 15th, 2017! This was the first Longmeadow 100 of the season, but we look forward to many more sporting clays shoots in the months to come! To find more info about upcoming events and learn more about our new 15 station Sporting Clays Course, check HERE

Longmeadow 100 Shoot resultsLongmeadow 100 Shoot Results p2Longmeadow 100 Shoot Results p3




Sexiest Wedding Dresses of 2017

Sexiest Wedding Dresses of 2017!

A wedding dress is a statement piece whether you are a jeans & tee-shirt kinda girl or you dress up regularly, your wedding dress is outside of the norm for attire. Sexy wedding dresses can be chic and classic or lace and somewhat revealing, long, short, slit, ball gown, or sleeves. Vintage classics, pockets and sleeves are also in as being super sexy!  

Here are the Sexiest wedding dresses for 2017 in all categories.

Style no. 14401


















Pnina Tornai is known for her Sexy Wedding Dresses. This is a full length, fitted mermaid with lace cutouts for the illusion of sexy.

Style no. 14401

Style no. 4261

Corset ball gown is one of the most seen Pnina Tornai, Especially on “Say Yes To The Dress”.

Style no. 4261


Simple Lace gown with low back and short train is always classic sexy. 

This Martina Liana form fitting full coverage cap sleeve dress with flowing train in the back to show off your curves elegantly.

















Lace is really in again in 2017 as you can see.  Simple form fitting dress shows off all of the right curves.

Sottero and Midgley - NATASHA, Sensual and sophisticated, this fit and flare lace wedding dress features a Milano satin mini-dress, transitioning into an elegant lace and tulle skirt. Finished with romantic sweetheart neckline, beaded spaghetti straps, and covered buttons over zipper closure. Detachable shoulder straps and veil sold separately.   

Short dress underneath with lace overlay to show some leg without showing off too much skin.

Sottero and Midgley - NATASHA, Sensual and sophisticated, this fit and flare lace wedding dress features a Milano satin mini-dress, transitioning into an elegant lace and tulle skirt. Finished with romantic sweetheart neckline, beaded spaghetti straps, and covered buttons over zipper closure. Detachable shoulder straps and veil sold separately.


Sheer venice lace sabrina neckline accents this sweetheart neckline with pleated regal satin cummerbund at waist, textured lace trumpet skirt and chapel length train. Buttons over back zipper. https://www.justinalexanderbridal.com/wedding_dresses/8596:

Justin Alexander wedding gowns are vintage sexy, almost pin-up bride sexy.

Sheer venice lace sabrina neckline accents this sweetheart neckline with pleated regal satin cummerbund at waist, textured lace trumpet skirt and chapel length train. Buttons over back zipper. https://www.justinalexanderbridal.com/wedding_dresses/8596:  

38 Striking Wedding Dresses with Slit

Whether you are looking for ball gown, mermaid or a-line there are sexy dresses in all categories. Short or long, Sexy is the right dress, fitted to your body!

Couples Paint Night at Longmeadow

Couples Paint Night at Longmeadow Game Resort & Event Center

Come join us on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at Longmeadow Game Resort & Event Center for a romantic evening of couples painting! Sponsored by The Art Spot LLC, this event promises to be a one of a kind experience that you and yours will cherish for years to come. Not only does the the ticket price of $99/couple include your side-by-side paintings, it also comes with dinner and a free drink! Whether you’re looking for the perfect date night activity, or just feeling a bit creative, Longmeadow’s Couples Paint Night is the answer!

Couples Paint Night at Longmeadow





















Call Tye at (970) 467-4868 to reserve your seat today!

Morgan County Friends of the NRA Banquet

Morgan County Friends of the NRA Banquet

Longmeadow Game Resort, Clays Club, & Event Center would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, February 11th, 2016 for the 25th Annual Morgan County Friends of the NRA Banquet. You’ll be treated to dinner, get free advertising space in the Program Brochure, and be able to enter the raffle for a chance to win some absolutely incredible prizes! Read below to learn more about the event, and feel free to download Ticket RSVP Form at the below to reserve a seat today! 

Ticket RSVP Form


Call Tye at (970) 467-4868 to Reserve your seat Today!

Morgan County Friends of the NRA Corporate flyer table

Morgan County Friends of the NRA Banquet

Morgan County Friends of the NRA Banquet

Morgan County Friends of the NRA

Morgan County Friends of the NRA






Morgan Sponsorship & Water Fowl Pkg Flyer








Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys

Elk Season is Here!

And you know what that means, time to start thinking about elk calls! Calls are an essential part of any avid elk hunter’s gear. Hunters that use calls can be usually be divided into two categories. Those in the first group sit silently and motionless, hidden from sight until a game animal wanders or flies into view. This method captures plenty of game, but some hunters prefer a more hands-on approach. This group of hunters also try to stay hidden, but they make plenty of noise to mimic animal movement. In either case, success depends on producing a convincing enough reproduction of an animal’s calls to convince a game animal to come to them.elk call, bugles, splashing water droplets all around

Bull elks produce a loud vocalization consisting of screams known as “bugles”, which can be heard for miles. Bugling is often viewed as an adaptation to open environments such as parklands, meadows, and savannas, tundras, due to the fact that sound can travel great distances. Females are attracted to the males that bugle more often and have the loudest call. So the louder and more persistently you can use your call, the better chance you have of attracting game. It is also extremely important to decide what types of elk calls you plan on using during your hunt. There are several different kinds of calls, and each is suited to a specific purpose. 

A picture of a bugle tube on a white backgroundBugle Tubes: Bugle Tubes are an essential part of any successful elk hunt. These calls mimic the bugles of bull elks, and can be used to attract either cows or bulls. Most bugle tubes contain a baffle that allows the hunter to dial back the volume of their call to simulate a bull that is moving farther and farther away. This is an excellent strategy for attracting other bulls to your location.

A picture of an open reed elk call on a white background  Open Reeds: Open reed calls are typically used to mimic the sound cows and calfs, but are extremely versatile as they can also produce bull bugles if need be. Open reeds are the perfect partner for a bugle horn, as they allow hunters to simulate a wide variety vocalizations and calls.




A picture of a bite elk call on a white background Bite Calls: Another great addition to your call collection would be a bite call. These elk calls produce a high-pitch, nasally sound that you’ll have a hard time making with an open reed or bugle horn. The sounds created by these types of call may be the last little trigger that you need to make the bull come that last 50 yards.

However,  when it comes down to it, you can’t just buy a call, head to the woods and start making noise and expect game to come rushing out of the brush. Like any activity, becoming a competent caller takes education, practice, and patience. Whether you’re calling turkeys, waterfowl, deer, or elk, each call demands the appropriate calling technique, and the only way to learn is to first hear what the call should sounds like, how much to call, and where and when to call. Good Luck and happy hunting!

For more information about elk hunting check out our new Elk Hunting in Colorado pages!

Colorado Oil & Gas Association Sporting Clays Shoot

Longmeadow Game and Event Center would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 for the Annual Northeast Chapter of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association Sporting Clay Shoot!

plat machine for shooting sporting clays

November 5th, 2016

Dear Shooters & Sponsors:

The Annual Northeast Chapter of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association Sporting Clays Shoot will be held on Saturday, November 5th, 2016. The shoot will be held at Longmeadow Event Center, 8604 County Road 6, Wiggins, Colorado 80654.

This years’ shoot will consist of teams of Four (4) shooters per team. Each person will shoot 100 sporting clays. There will be prizes for first and second place teams. Prizes will also be awarded for overall high score. The cost per Team for this years’ tournament will be $400.00. Shooting will commence at 9:00AM. Check in at 8:00AM

Lunch to follow.

Shooters are required to supply their own ammunition 71/2 or lower

12 gauge or lower and their own eye and ear protection, (Longmeadow has ammo if needed.)

Included are a Sponsorship/ Registration Form. We encourage you to get them sent in as soon as possible. Although the tournament is being held and sponsored by the Oil & Gas industry, it will be open to the public. It is the desire of the Northeast Chapter of COGA and the tournament Committee to use this opportunity to further positive relationships with all the people who prosper by the presence of a strong oil & gas industry. Please do not bring alcohol on the premises.

All proceeds will be used to fund the NECCOGA Scholarship Fund.


Harvey Greenwood

Download the tournament registration form below!

Colorado Oil & Gas Association Sporting Clay Flyer

Past, Present, and Future of Sporting Clays

The Past, Present, and Future of Sporting Clays

Hunting, Hunter, Shotgun, clays

Sporting Clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting that has been described as “golf with a shotgun”. A typical course includes 10 to 15 different shooting stations laid out over natural terrain, and ranges are usually no smaller than 35 acres for safety reasons.

This shooting sport is distinct from other games such as skeet and trap shooting due to the fact that it simulates the thrill of real hunting by offering a wide variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes.

The Past:

Antique Clay pigeons, claysWhile sporting clays has become extremely popular in America in recent decades, the sport can actually trace its origins back to Great Britain in the early 1900s. At the turn of the twentieth century, several British shooting schools began using gold targets to practice for upcoming hunts. It wasn’t long before clay was adopted, rather than expensive heaps of gold, as the material of choice for this burgeoning new pastime.

In 1925 the first British Open was held in England, and sporting clays has been steadily gaining popularity since. However, Americans wouldn’t get their first taste of the sport until 1980 when Author Bob Brister wrote an article about it in Field & Stream Magazine. Not even a year later, Remington’s Lordship Gun Club in Connecticut would hold the first American sporting clays competition. A total of 90 shooters participated in the event, including executives from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

A vintage field and streams magazine cover, clays issue

By the mid 1980s a large number of American organizations, courses, and competitions began to pop-up all across the country. In 1985 Huston, Texas hosted the ever U.S. National Sporting Clays Championship. The Orvis Company sponsored this first event, and continues to promote the sport today via the annual Orvis Cup.

In 1989, the National Skeet Shooting Association formed the National Sporting Clays Association or NSCA to provide rules, regulations, and best practices for the sport, and to promote Sporting Clays across the country and world. You can find more info about the sport HERE at the NSCA website.

The Present:

Today sporting clays is one of the fastest growing sports in America. More than three million people of all ages to participate in this excellent pastime both competitively and recreationally.

rubbish container with broken shotguns, rifles and other old weapons

The sport is popular with shotgun enthusiasts, and the shotguns used are typically not standard. However, every shotgun used for sporting clays must be capable of shooting two 12 gauge cartridges or smaller. The most popular shotguns that you’ll see out on modern courses are over-and-under, semi-automatic, and pump-action.

yellow ear protection and camouflage ammunition belt for rifleSafety is crucial to enjoying the pastime of sporting clays. Proper ear and eye protection are mandatory on most if not all courses. The National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Rule Book lists firearms safety procedures, and should be followed at all times while on a course.

A traditional sporting clays course consists of 10 to 15 stations, and each station uses trap machines to launch the targets. Typically shooters are presented with 6 to 10 targets, thrown in pairs, at each station, for a total outing of 50 to 100 targets per person for the entire course. Usually a squad of up to six shooters participates.

plat machine for sporting clays

The possibilities for target presentations are endless, and typically only limited by safety considerations, the terrain, and the imagination of the course designer. Station configurations are often changed to keep things interesting for participants, as well as for the environmental preservation of the course.

A shooting clays tower at longmeadow event center

Each station is unique, and a wide variety of hunting conditions can be simulated by combining various speeds and angles with different types of clay targets. While at a given station, shooters might see targets flying across from either side, coming inward, going outward, flying straight up, rolling on the ground, arcing high in the air, or thrown from towers. I all adds the the trill and unpredictability of the game!

The Future:

While no one truly knows for sure what the future will bring for the great pastime of sporting clays, one thing we do know for sure is that technology will continue to make improvements to the courses, guns, and equipment that we use to enjoy this wonderful hobby. Sporting clays and shooting competitions have continued to experience explosive growth of both participants and attendees in recent years. These competitions use some of the most modern and hi-tech equipment available, giving shooters a glimpse of the endless possibilities that sporting clays can provide its avid enthusiasts.

shooting clays competition

For us here at Longmeadow Game Resort and Event Center, the future is now thanks to our brand new, state-of-the-art sporting clays course! 

Men at a shooting clays course

A picture of a shooting clays tower at longmeadow events centerLONGMEADOW SPORTING CLAYS COURSE OPENING IN SEPTEMBER! Opening Event will be the Morgan County Golden Stars Shoot on September 10, 2016! The course will be open to the public by reservation after that date.  Our new course is an easy one hour drive east of Denver, Colorado off of I-76 and HWY 52 and features year-round sporting clays action on one of the newest, most exciting country clays courses in Colorado. Our course is laid out along a beautiful stretch of Antelope Creek. Each of the sporting clays stations can be reached by foot, ATV or golf cart. (Carts & ATVs not provided)

The course features 15 fully automated stations, including a 30′ tower with both elevated and ground level shooting positions. This allows maximum flexibility in target presentations and simulation of the most realistic targets possible.

To learn more about this exhilarating pastime and Longmeadow’s new sporting clay course, check out our Sporting Clays Page! Interested in pricing? Look here at our Rates Page!