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Longmeadow Game Resort, Colorado’s top choice for upland bird and small game hunting, is now your premier Colorado Sporting Clays Course!

The course is now officially open to the public as of Sunday September 11th, 2016. So if you would like to shoot the range just give us a call at 970-483-8368

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Automated sporting clays launcherSporting Clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting that can be described as “golf with a shotgun”.  A typical course includes 10 to 15 different shooting stations laid out over natural terrain. Ranges are usually no smaller than 35 acres for safety reasons.

This shooting sport is distinct from other games such as skeet and trap shooting due to the fact that it simulates the thrill of real hunting by offering a wide variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes.

Longmeadow’s new state-of-the-art sporting clays course is Colorado’s premier option for participating in this thrilling pastime!


Shotgun shells being ejected from a gun at a sporting clays courseShooting clays can trace its roots back to the early 1900’s when several British shooting schools started using gold targets to practice for upcoming hunts. Before long clay was adopted for the targets instead of gold, and clay pigeon shooting quickly attracted a large following. In 1925 the first British Open was held in England, and the sport has been steadily gaining popularity since. However, Americans wouldn’t get their first taste of sporting clays until 1980 when Author Bob Brister wrote an article about it in Field & Stream Magazine.

Later that year, Remington’s Lordship Gun Club in Connecticut held the first American sporting clays competition. Five years later, in 1985, the United States Sporting Clays Association or USSCA was formed in Houston, Texas. Throughout the 1980’s the sport continued to catch the attention of American sportsmen everywhere, and was well on its way to becoming a beloved national pastime.

By the late 80’s, the National Skeet Shooting Association formed the National Sporting Clays Association or NSCA to provide rules, regulations, and best practices for the sport, and to promote Sporting Clays across the country and world. You can find more info about the sport HERE at the NSCA website. Today sporting clays is one of the fastest growing sports in America, annually encouraging more than three million people of all ages to participate in this excellent hobby both competitively and recreationally. Read more at the Long Blog!

To learn more about the exciting world of sporting clays check out either of these awesome websites! Professional Sporting Clays Association or Colorado Sporting Clays Association

Colorado Sporting Clays at Longmeadow:

A sporting clays tower at longmeadow event centerLocated an easy one hour drive east of Denver, Colorado off of I-76 and HWY 52, our course features year-round sporting clays action on one of the newest, most exciting country clays courses in Colorado. The course is laid out along a beautiful stretch of Antelope Creek. Each of the sporting clays stations can be reached by foot, ATV or golf cart. (Carts & ATVs not provided)

A Photo of Longmeadow event center

A picture of a sporting clays tower at longmeadow events centerThe course features 15 fully automated stations, including a 30′ tower with both elevated and ground level shooting positions. This allows maximum flexibility in target presentations and simulation of the most realistic targets possible. Our automated system also allows you to enjoy the course as a single shooter with a delay option. 

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  • Open Tuesday-Sunday from 9am-5pm BY RESERVATION ONLY, CLOSED ON MONDAY
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory
  • Shot size no larger than 7 1/2 and 1 1/8 oz of shot 3 1/4 dram powder
  • We do not throw targets during inclement weather.

Events & Fundraiser:

Shotgun shells and wedding ringsIf you are looking for a location for your next big corporate retreat, shooting competition or fundraiser, look no further. Longmeadow is not only in the Hunting and Shooting Sports business but the Event Services and Hospitality business as well. We tout a 12,000sf, 300-500 guest capacity Lodge and Event Center complete with two bars, 8 sleeping rooms, 2 conference rooms, lounge, smoking patios, outdoor banquet and ceremony areas, wifi, audio/visual equipment, full service catering and all inclusive event services. Unlike any other sporting clays operation in Colorado; we are a one-stop shop for all types of sporting clays events, big or small.

Men at a sporting clays course

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