4 Tips for How to Bag More Birds on Your Next Pheasant Hunt

There’s nothing like a good ol’ Colorado pheasant hunt! We all know how much fun it is to be out in the field with your buddies, but there’s nothing worse than coming home empty handed. Here at Longmeadow we can guarantee that you’ll never experience such a travesty when hunting with us, but nevertheless, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you bag as many birds as possible on your next hunt!

Tip #1: Practice Makes Perfect

Everybody knows the old cliche practice makes perfect. Well, there’s a reason they say that… because it’s true, especially when it comes to upland bird hunting! If you want to bag as many birds as possible then be sure your shooting skills are up to snuff before you venture out into the field. The absolute best way to do this is to get out on the sporting clays course as much as possible beforehand. This will not only help with accuracy, but also with the timing of your shots. The better you are at shooting, the more likely you will be to nail that next bird.

Tip #2: Bring the Right Gear

Not every game resort or hunting ground will have a fully stocked pheasant hunting lodge and shop like we do here at Longmeadow, so it’s always best to come prepared. You’re going to want to bring the right gear for being outside in the cold all day. That isn’t to say you should overdress, but make sure that you dress in layers. It’s also important to be mindful of your firearm and ammo. You want to make sure that you have the right gun for the job, and that you have enough rounds to make it through the day.

Tip #3: Wait for Your Moment

Hunting is a patient man’s game. The better you are at waiting the more likely you will be to down some birds. An integral part of Colorado pheasant hunting is staying calm and waiting for the perfect moment to take your shot. If you start to get flustered and take your shot too early then all that waiting will be for not. So don’t rush it, enjoy your time out in nature, and if you start feeling antsy take a few deep breaths and try to steel your nerves. If you are new to bird hunting then be sure to go with a guide as they will be able to help keep you in line.

Pheasant Hunting At Longmeadow Game Resort, Clays Club, And Event Center

Tip #4: Know When to Shut the F@#$ Up!

For any experienced hunter this goes pretty much without saying, but keep quiet! Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is a key part of any hunt, so make sure you stay as silent as possible so that you don’t scare the birds away. Pheasants can be very skittish creatures, so it’s always best to not spook them by keeping your voice low and talking to a minimum. This will help draw the birds in closer making it easier to bag more of them. There will be plenty of time for hootin’ and hollerin’ back at the lodge, so just remember to stay quiet when out in the field.

So there it is, four great tips to help make the most of your next pheasant hunt! Try employing some of these suggestions next time you’re hunting and see for yourself what a difference they make. With these tips you’re sure to bag more birds than ever before, so be sure to make good use of good advice. If reading this got you excited for your next hunt, then head on over to our Pheasant Hunting page to get a better idea of everything that Longmeadow Game Resort has to offer. See you out in the field!


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