Dove Hunting at Longmeadow has been very good in recent years!

Photo of Colorado Dove hunters at Longmeadow game resort

August is almost upon us and it before you know it we will be ready for Colorado Dove Season at Longmeadow Game Resort.

This year the Colorado Dove Season starts on September 1 and runs till November 9th, but really the first 30 days are the most productive. In fact, in recent years, they have been VERY productive!

So how do you ensure a successful dove hunt? Here are some tips:

Choose your weapon: With Dove Hunting, speed is of the essence! You cannot miss  with a 20-, 16-, or 12 gauge auto loader. Auto-loaders are always a popular choice, since doves go up in the air fast and are hard to reach. With an auto-loader you can get in three shots before the bird can get away. Small shot sizes assures more pellets to shoot.

Stay Hidden: Concealment is highly important. Doves can spot threats easily from high vantage points. Camo clothes are recommended. We have several treelines that are perfect for concealment.

Use Decoys: Birds are more likely to approach the area if they see other birds there. We will set out decoys on open ground, water and nearby fences. We like Mojo Decoys, they are all we buy.

Know their habits: Studying dove’s habits will give you a clear idea of which ones you can shoot more easily. They mostly feed from seeds as well as other weeds. At Longmeadow we leave stubble fields fallow. Local farmers grow sorghum and other grains that birds love. They eat on bare ground and move from their night place to consume water after dawn. These birds are migrating and surface water will serve to draw them in.

Scouting and Shooting: We will set you on the best locations on our 4000+ acres to ensure a successful hunt. Let the doves come within 30 yards before shooting. This will increase your accuracy and limit your quantity of shells. Stay quiet and motionless, until you find a dove in your range. Then move fast! They will react quickly if they see you but this will allow at least two good shots.

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Photo of Colorado Dove Hunters at Longmeadow shooting shotguns