Since we added two sections of prime waterfowl land to our game resort offerings, we have had some questions about the best tactics for hunting geese.

Goose Hunting at Longmeadow

Here are five must know tips for goose hunters:

Goose hunting in Colorado at Longmeadow Game Resort

  • Have the right load – Geese are big birds and if your regularly hunt pheasant, dove or quail you need to rethink your shot and gauge. We have found that 3″ Mag 2 shot or 3″ Mag 4 shot are the best shot sizes and you will want to stay with a 10 or 12 gauge shotgun. While the goose is big, it has a relatively small vital area. To test your load, place a 3 ft by 3 ft sheet of paper at the distance you will be shooting the geese. Usually about 30 to 50 yards out. Shoot several sheets of paper then draw a 30 inch circle around the densest area of holes and count them. For heavier loads you should have 35+ holes and for lighter loads, it should be 55+.
  • Spread out your decoys –  We have had our best results with spreading decoys about 15 feet apart and we like to place at least 10 to 12 decoys out in the field. Geese like to feed with other geese and the larger looking flock will attract those high flyers.
  • No fidgeting – Patience is a virtue and this is especially true for goose hunters. Every goose hunter knows the disappointment of watching a flock of birds split and fly around your position. When in the blinds you need to stay very still. Geese have excellent eyesight and they can see you going for that cooler or extra box of shells. Make sure you have everything in place and that you are comfortable int he blind. Then stay still and wait!
  • Vary your goose calls – Give the guys from Duck Dynasty some business and make sure you have several different goose call available. Short reed goose calls, flute calls, and double reed goose calls all produce a variety of sounds. Depending on conditions you may need to produce simple honks or long low calls. Be sure to spend a couple hours practicing each evening in the living room, your family will love you for it!
  • Marksmanship is key – As with any hunting pursuit, you need to be able to hit what you aim for. At Longmeadow we have several towers where you can practice shooting trap and hone those skills for when you are in the field. And don’t always look for warm sunny days to get out and shoot. If you plan a hunt a few weeks in advance, you never know what kind of weather will be waiting for you.


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