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Longmeadow is a standout among the top sporting clays clubs near Denver, boasting two sporting clay shooting courses, a super sporting course, 5 Stand, and a practice trap. Beyond our constantly evolving courses, Longmeadow shines with its unparalleled amenities. No other clay shooting club matches our 12,000-square-foot Lodge & Event Center complete with overnight accommodations, RV and dry camping, ballroom, two full bars, conference rooms, lounge, game room, catering/event services, and a wide range of hunting. This combination of challenging courses and exceptional facilities makes Longmeadow an unmatched destination for enthusiasts.

Longmeadow is the ideal spot for your corporate clay shooting event near Denver. We offer all you need for a fantastic sporting clays event, making it simple and fun. Choose Longmeadow to ensure your event is a hit without any hassle.

Longmeadow Clays Tower - Sporting Clays Rates

Longmeadow is forming a Sporting Clays Scoring Team and we’re on the lookout for a shooting sports enthusiast eager to have fun, make some money, or swap time for targets. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us to sign up!

  • 18 or older preferred
  • Sporting Clays experience preferred
  • Training will be provided
  • Must be available weekends, flexible schedules preferred
  • Please contact Heath Stencel at 970-371-4623 or if interested

Longmeadow offers a unique experience with our sporting clays courses near Denver. Often described as “golf with a shotgun,” this form of clay pigeon shooting is set on over 35 acres and features 10 to 15 shooting stations across natural landscapes. Unlike skeet and trap shooting, sporting clays simulate the unpredictability of hunting by varying trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes. This adds an exciting layer of challenge and makes Longmeadow an ideal spot for those seeking the thrill of hunting in a controlled environment. It’s a perfect blend of skill, sport, and natural beauty.


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Longmeadow Clays Club now has two separate sporting clay courses!

The front 15 that you know and love is now called Pronghorn

And introducing…

The 12 station course called Antelope, and designed with solo delay for both
sporting and super sporting

Sporting Clays in the Denver Area at Longmeadow

Longmeadow offers year-round sporting clays action on one of the newest and most exciting country clay shooting courses in Colorado. It’s easy to get to, just an hour’s drive east from places like Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver. The sporting clays course is beautifully set along Antelope Creek and you can walk, drive an ATV, or ride a golf cart to move around it.

Longmeadow boasts several fully automated courses, featuring sporting clays, super sport, 5 Stand, and 5 practice stations. Our setup near Denver includes a 30-foot tower and various shooting platforms for diverse target presentations. With 32 stations in total, we offer unparalleled flexibility and realism for shooters. Additionally, our automated system supports solo shooters with a delay option, ensuring everyone can enjoy the course at their own pace.


Longmeadow Clays Club is Closed Mondays (Exceptions possible for Private Events & Tournaments)

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory
  • Course must be cleared half hour prior to close
  • Shot size no larger than 7 1/2 and 1 1/8 oz of shot 3 1/4 dram powder
  • We do not throw targets during inclement weather so please call ahead to check conditions.
  • BY RESERVATION ONLY – Always plenty of room, just like to know when you’re
    coming. 970-483-8368


Break Some Clays the Longmeadow Way!

The History of Sporting Clays

In the early 20th century, clay shooting began to gain traction in Great Britain when shooting schools opted for gold targets as a method of preparation for hunts. The material soon switched to clay, leading to the sport’s increase in participants. By 1925, England hosted its inaugural British Open, marking a steady climb in the sport’s appeal. It wasn’t until 1980 that clay pigeon shooting was introduced to Americans through a Field & Stream magazine article by Author Bob Brister.

The initial American sporting clays competition took place at Remington’s Lordship Gun Club in Connecticut later in 1980. The momentum continued, and by 1985, the United States Sporting Clays Association (USSCA) was established in Houston, Texas. Throughout the decade, the sport captured the interest of American enthusiasts, positioning itself as a burgeoning national pastime.

Toward the end of the 1980s, the National Skeet Shooting Association created the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) to establish standardized rules and promote clay shooting both nationally and internationally. The NSCA website offers extensive information on this fast-growing sport that now draws over three million participants yearly across various age groups for both competitive and leisure activities. Further details can be found on the  Long Blog.

To learn more about the exciting world of sporting clays check out either of these websites: National Sporting Clays Association or Colorado Sporting Clays Association.

Bust Clays like a Boss and then join us in the bar to celebrate.

Longmeadow Clays Club is the only clay shooting course in Colorado with a full bar!

*(Consumption of alcohol is only permitted AFTER your shoot is complete)
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Located on the high plains just an hour northeast of Denver!

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“Awesome! Had a blast! Great targets and so well run. I will definitely shoot the 2nd Annual MEC Rocky Mountain Classic!”

Robert Whittenburg, MEC RMC SHOOTER

“You can’t beat Longmeadow Clays Club Great place and awesome staff!”

Shane Acklie, NSCA SHOOTER