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Hands Down The Best Way to Bag Some Birds

Here at Longmeadow we strive to give you the best Colorado tower shoot imaginable. Located on the cliff banks of Bijou Creek; our tower shoots provide you with a very unique feel that is both challenging and beautiful, boasting a 40ft tower in the center surrounded by 12 shooting stations. Each station can be manned by 1 or 2 shooters. Our Colorado pheasant hunting club’s standard tower shoot is 180 pheasants for 12 shooters. A single bird is released approximately every 15 to 20 seconds. After 15 pheasants, we blow an air horn and all shooters rotate stations until they have each shot at all 12 stations. This is a challenging and exciting hunt where you will do a lot of shooting. Located in Colorado, our tower shoots are great for corporate events or a perfect outing for a group of good buddies. Extra birds can be added for larger groups or events.


12-person 180 Bird Tower Shoot

$650per person

Everything You Need To Know

What’s Included in Your Colorado Tower Shoot

  • 40ft Tower

  • 12 Shooting Stations

  • Standard Shoot = 180 birds

  • Bird released every 15-20 seconds

  • Shooter rotation every 15 birds

  • 1-2 shooters per station

  • Beautiful location

  • Lots of open space for easy visibility

  • Extra birds can be added for larger groups

  • Breakfast & lunch included

  • Ammo is provided

  • Guides, retrievers, & bird cleaning included

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