Photo of two hunters at Longmeadow Game Resort shooting a pheasant in flight

Late season pheasant hunting is a great time to do some really productive upland game hunting. There are fewer hunters out and about and you can enjoy a variety of weather conditions. We particularly enjoy pheasant hunting during the late season, but it takes planning, time of day, wind direction, a stealthy approach and a dozen other factors go into making for a successful upland game hunt!

The Birds – Smart Survivors

We set birds for hunters all through the fall and winter. They almost never shoot them all. This means you have a larger number of pheasant on the land. This makes for a target rich environment. Late season bird hunters get to take advantage of this abundance. However in the spring time birds are more apt to run and are more difficult to hunt. Be prepared to get your exercise.

The Pheasant Hunt

By this time in the season it is a good idea to change up the pattern a little. The birds have been watching hunters all winter long work the tree lines in exactly the same way. Now is when you shake things up. Enter from a different direction. When birds hear hunters coming they head for their usual escape routes. Only now you have confused them and you have the opportunity to get to them before you flush.

Water – Like Us, Birds Need it Everyday

Head for the open water. This is especially important when ice and snow limit access to water. At Longmeadow Game Resort, we have a variety of water sources right on the property. These are popular locations to flush a rooster or two.

Bad Weather – Your Best Friend?

Take advantage of the wind and snow as the seasons change. These conditions make it easier for you to get in closer than you can on a mild day. With a moist ground, you can move more quietly through the brush. A little bit of wind also helps mask the sounds that carry on a still winter morning. A light breeze and moisture on the ground also helps the dogs to find the birds. In the springtime the pheasant tend to lose a lot of their scent, this is a defense mechanism that they have during breeding season. The moisture on the ground will help to intensify their smell making it easier for the dogs to find them.

Evening Hunts – Leave Work a Little Early

Daylight Savings time is upon us and this is good news for late season upland game hunters. In the evening the birds are moving from feeding to roosting cover (the opposite of what they did in the morning.) Take advantage of the longer daylight hours and be ready to catch the pheasants as they are on the move. The best part of this is you can fit it into your work day. Just knock off a little early, take the short drive to Longmeadow Game Resort and take advantage of the best pheasant hunting in Colorado!

Photo of three pheasant in flight at dusk at longmeadow game resort