With the Prairie Dog season upon us, we thought it would be timely to talk about rifle marksmanship. As hunters we feel that we have a duty to be the best marksmen we can be. This means the right rifle for the right application, and lots of practice. When hunting prairie dogs at Longmeadow Game Resort, there is no shortage of active targets. We can place you where you can shoot at various distances.

Here are some rifle marksmanship tips to help you make the most of your hunt:

>Sight your rifle at the range. Sight the rifle on center at 200 yards. If your range is only 100 yards long, sight the rifle to be 1.75 inches high at 100 yards.  Then practice shooting at a variety of distances taking note of the bullet drop. Use the same load when you come to Longmeadow.

>Use a smooth even trigger pull with the pad at the end of your trigger finger. Pull straight back and try not to anticipate the kick.
>A good Bipod is great for this type of shooting. Hold the rifle firmly, but not in death grip trying to prevent the recoil. You can’t – so practice getting back on target quickly.
Invest in a high quality scope with windage and elevations adjustments. Don’t be shy about spending money on your scope, its a worthwhile investment.

>Stay on your rifle. Keep you head down, follow through the recoil and don’t immediately jerk up to see your hit.

>Practice, Practice, Practice. Develop a training plan and keep a log book to track your progress. Set goals and put your practice times on your calendar.

Follow these six tips for improving your marksmanship and you will have a great hunt when you come varmint hunting at Longmeadow!