When it comes to weddings, we believe unique is good. It’s your special day and your wedding ceremony should stand out from the crowd!

Here are 10 unique wedding ideas for making your special day one that people will be talking about for years to come.

1. The Amazing Entrance – Wow your guests by making an entrance riding in by horse and buggy or even on horseback.

2. The Ritual Burning – Have a Reception Bonfire and let the bride and groom each burn one article of clothing that they never want to see their new spouse wear again.

3. The Bar-B-Que – At the bonfire let us rollout our Olympic sized bar-b-que grill and cook a true western style feed.

4. A Vintage Wedding – Have a 1950’s or 1960’s wedding theme to transport everyone back in time.

5. The Second Dress – At Longmeadow we have lodging onsite. Take advantage of this and change into a second wedding dress. Something short and sexy with a spectacular pair of shoes.

6. The Disco Next Door – Longmeadow’s Ballroom sits adjacent to a smaller hall the you can decorate as a disco complete with mirror ball.

7. The Casino – You can use our double facility to create a Vegas style wedding complete with casino and you can even purchase personalized playing cards with pictures of the bride and groom.

8. The Wedding Poet Society – In the Longmeadow Business Center we have a variety of flipchart stands with sticky-backed flipchart paper. Place them strategically around the reception hall with the first line of a potential poem, let guests humorously complete the thoughts and stick them to the walls for everyone to read.

9. Showtime– Lighting is a key (and usually forgotten) element. Okay, so there’s always candlelight or chandeliers or strung twinkle lights. But before you take an easy way out, ask if your venue or DJ if he has another form of lighting and use it! Find out if they can provide cool effects like gobo lighting to create shapes with light. Yes, it could border on cheesy if you overuse it, but initialing the white walls with your new monogram during your first dance can add an unexpected element to the occasion.

10. Taste of the Town– Serve something regional. We know a bride who had a popular East Coast seafood soup poured at each place setting as guests arrived in the tent. Another bride we know served sour-cream cornbread with mayhaw jelly, a local southern favorite. If you’re marrying in a city or region that brews its own beer, be sure to stock the bar with it or with another signature drink from your hometown.

What are your ideas for a truly unique wedding?