So you want to go goose hunting in Colorado. At Longmeadow Game Resort and Event Center, we have compiled some tips to help you improve the success of you goose hunts along Colorado’s beautiful front range.

5 Tips for Better Colorado Goose Hunting

  1. We took another 30 geese at our Longmont hunting location!

    We took another 30 geese at our Longmont hunting location!

    Location Location Location – Just like in real estate, location is everything. Get to know the area you are planning on hunting. Geese can be picky eaters and it will benefit you to know where they will stop for food and water along their migration routes. Along the Colorado front range, we have limited water. This isn’t the border lakes of Minnesota. You don’t have to be right on the water, but you should at least be water adjacent. Fortunately we have lots of crop fields for the birds to stop over and get a snack. Think of them as the fast food restaurants of the migratory routes.

  2. Timing and Migration – In Colorado we have had a pretty warm winter – so far. As temperatures drop, typically in January and February, this will push more geese south into their migration routes.
  3. Concealment is Key – When you were a kid and you played hide and seek, usually the kid with the best hiding place won. This is also true for goose hunters. Geese have very good vision and can pick out abnormalities that will keep them away from your field if things aren’t just right. On Colorado’s eastern plains, there isn’t a great deal of natural cover. everything is mostly farm or ranch land. We like to use natural brush to cover the top of our blinds so they blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.
  4. Decoys – Decoys provide important information to migrating birds. Think of your decoys as starters. A few come in and the rest will follow. When you set up your field, the decoys should:
    1. Provide clues about where the food is for hungry birds
    2. Allow space for birds to land
    3. Use movement to steer the birds away from the fringes and toward the blinds
  5. Remain Calm All is Well – If you are using a field or “layout blind” stay still. We can’t stress this enough. Think about looking down on the Colorado front range from above. Away from the towns and roads, very little is moving. A few bushes, a frozen stream and you wriggling around in a field blind. The only thing moving should be your decoys!

If you would like more information on hunting geese in Colorado, please give us a call. We currently have two very productive locations for hosting hunters. In Wiggins, we have underground blinds right between Empire reservoir and the Platte River. In Longmont, we have a very productive location where we use layout blinds for serious hunters.

That’s it for our 5 tips for better Colorado goose hunting. See you in the field…

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