Whether it is big or small, planning a holiday party can be a nerve wracking experience. We know, we plan a lot of parties at Longmeadow Game Resort & Event Center. Here are some tips to help you make your event a success:

Group of friends a toast to the cheers of cognac or brandy.

  1. Spend ample time planning your event: As any good project manager will tell you, effective planning is the key to a successful event. You should make sure that before your party every aspect of the night has been considered and addressed appropriately. Everything from what you need to buy at the grocery store, to what music you will play, to where you will keep the guests coats will need to be taken into account prior to the day of the party. There is nothing worse than realizing at the very last minute as guests begin to arrive, that you forgot to buy eggnog to mix with your epic cache of spiced rum and festive spirits.Happy friends drinking champagne in limousine on a night out
  2. Choose a date that works for key guests: Choosing a date for your party can be daunting task, especially when trying to accommodate the schedules of 20 or more individuals. However, determining which guests are vital to the success of the party will help you decide whose schedules will have priority. For professional gatherings such as company holiday parties, this process can be as simple as working around the schedules of top management. Things become slightly more complicated in terms of informal, personal events where you must decide which of your friends and family will be most crucial to the success of the party.
  3. Use a invitation style that fits your demographic: This point also pertains to the difference between planning a professional party versus one held in your living room. Both of these types of events require that you send out invitations to prospective guests, (otherwise how will people know to show up), but deciding what type of invitations to send out can be just as important as choosing to whom to send them. In a professional situation where there is a higher level of sophistication it may be necessary to send out well-made and festive physical invitations, however, it could also be the case that a company memo or email to the employees is all that is required. On the informal side of things, it is important to consider the technological capability of your guests. If your are throwing a dorm party for a bunch f college kids e-vites will probably do the trick, but if you’re having a get together for retirees at the country club, it might be better to send out actual invites in the mail. Festive Christmas or wedding table with red napkins on a white tablecloth
  4. Take the time to find some amazing recipes: This means not only finding foods and deserts that your guests will enjoy and tell their friends about, but also choosing the right dishes to fit the atmosphere that you are trying to cultivate. A sit down dinner party will require vastly different dishes than a company holiday party, and as such you should be sure to plan accordingly. In general is it important to choose recipes that are cheap and easy to make, yet that still provide that wow factor that will help ensure that your party is a fun and memorable experience. Some fun and festive examples of easy-to-make, easy-to-eat party hors d’oeuvres include cinnamon baked caramel apple slices, any pumpkin, eggnog, or candy cane flavored finger foods and deserts, and any number of charcuterie dishes.
  5. Find an appropriate venue: Perhaps the most crucial aspect of planning a successful holiday party is deciding the perfect location. In some cases this may very well be your house, but even in these situations it is still important to consider where the focal point of the party will be, and what areas will be off limit to guests. On the other hand, some events require larger spaces and professional venues.

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At Longmeadow we host all kinds of parties in our 4000 square foot ballroom, but holiday parties are by far our favorite! It’s a time for people to let their hair down and live it up. We always sell out our lodging so guests who have had a little to much Christmas Cheer won’t have to drive. In addition to having fun, it’s important to be safe!