5 Reasons to do a Tower Shoot for Your Next Pheasant Hunt

When it comes to fall activities, one of our all time favorites is a good old-fashioned Colorado pheasant hunt. However, while there is something magical about a traditional hunt, if you’ve never tried your hand at a pheasant tower shoot, then let us tell you, you’re missing out! So, if you are interested in taking your experience to the next level, then contact us to book your next hunt today. In the meantime, here are five great reasons why you can’t go wrong with a tower shoot here at Longmeadow Game Resort.

Improve Your Shooting Skills

A pheasant tower shoot is a great way to improve your shooting skills as you will experience a multitude of different shots, angles, and heights. When the birds are released they tend to fly in completely random directions, so it is the perfect way to hone your reflexes.

Best Bang for Your Buck

We know that when it comes to hunting it’s important to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, and that’s exactly why a pheasant tower shoot is a great option! The lowest number of birds that we release during a shoot is 180, so you are guaranteed to spend the majority of the day shooting.

Watch Them Dogs Work

Another great reason why tower shoots are so enjoyable is that this type of pheasant hunting allows the retrievers to really shine! With this type of shoot the dogs really get in a good workout as they spend the bulk of the time running off to gather all those downed birds.

This Isn’t a Hiking Excursion

A big benefit for the hunters that choose to engage in one of our pheasant tower shoots is that it doesn’t require a ton of walking. We won’t be taking you out for an all day hike through the fields like on a traditional hunt, so it’s great for those who can’t or don’t want to hoof it for the extra mile.

Ideal for Company Events

A tower shoot is perfect for corporate events and team building activities as we can accommodate 12-24 shooters in a single group which allows for strategy and collaboration amongst partners at each different shooting position.

So, if you find yourself wanting to experience pheasant hunting like you never have before, then don’t wait any longer and feel free to give us a call. Longmeadow is extremely proud to be able to offer our loyal patrons this unique opportunity, and we can’t wait for you to try it yourself. The tower is calling so book your hunt today!


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