Why Choose Longmeadow?

Looking for a one of a kind fundraising idea or corporate team building activity in Colorado? Try Longmeadow’s amazing sporting clays course. Our course is one of the best in the state but there are a lot of good sporting clays clubs out there. Some may even be closer to you, so why choose us?

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Colorado Sporting Clays Course at Longmeadow

Sporting Clays is only part of what we do. What really sets us apart are our magnificent facilities and services. No Colorado sporting clays course comes with a 12,000sf Lodge & Event Center complete with overnight accommodations, RV & dry camping, ballroom, two full bars, conference rooms, lounge, game room, catering/event services and a wide range of hunting. These amenities are what make Longmeadow the perfect location for your next fundraiser or corporate team building activity in Colorado. We are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to host the ultimate sporting clays event. Why do it the hard way when we can make it easy.

What makes it so easy?

Catering and Bar Services

A beautiful, climate-controlled facility with all the bells and whistles gives you a place where up to 350 of your guests can relax and enjoy the festivities in style. And we take care of all the set-up, tear-down and clean-up so you, as the organizer, can enjoy the day and mingle with your guests. To learn more about our facilities check out our Event Center page.

Upcoming Events

Planning and promoting large fundraisers and corporate team building activities in Colorado is what we do and we offer that expertise to all of our clients. Our event professionals are available to provide planning advice and help throughout the process. We will even promote to our client base if you should desire. To learn more about Events at Longmeadow, Follow us on Facebook, and visit our Upcoming Events page.

Contact Us

Let’s face it, your line of business is probably not organizing and running sporting clays tournaments and large events or you would not be coming to us. At Longmeadow, we organize and run your event from the time your guests arrive until the time they walk out the door to ensure they leave with the best impression possible. To learn more about how we can help make your next event a success, Contact Us today.

Catering and Bar Services

In most cases, these types of events end with a meal and bar service which is why you want to be sure it is top-notch. You want you’re your guest’s last impression to be their best impression which is why we take care of the catering and bar services as well. Besides, when planning a large event, you have enough to do without having to research caterers, do tastings, get quotes and then coordinate the logistics of a food and beverage service. Again, this is what we do, so kick back, relax and let us handle the details. Visit our Catering and Bar Services page for more info.


Although it may appear that we are further away than some of our competitors, the actual travel time is often very similar, regardless of the actual distance, due to our location in relation to major interstates and highways with minimal traffic. We are located an easy, one hour drive from most front-range cities accessible via, I-76, I-70, HWY 52 and HWY 34. See for yourself on Google Maps

Sporting Clays Specials

You’re probably thinking: “If they offer all of these perks than the cost will probably break our budget”. – NOT TRUE! We customize our event packages and provide group discounts that make the cost difference negligible when compared to our competition. Visit our Rates & Pricing page and our Sporting Clays Specials page for some great discounts and promotions! Get ready for a Colorado sporting clays course like no other!

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