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Game Resort, Clays Club, And Event Center

Hundred year-old school house. Salt-of-the-Earth. Family-owned. Preserving the land for future generations.

  • Our Colorado Lodge and Game Resort offers several kinds of hunts including; Pheasant, Chukar, Dove, Goose, Duck, Coyote, and Prairie Dog Hunting.
  • Our Event Center offers a 4,000sf ballroom, bar & lounge, conference rooms, bridal dressing rooms, indoor/outdoor ceremony areas and is perfect for Weddings, Business Meetings, Reunions, Corporate Parties, Charitable Events and much more. Located about an hour outside of Denver, Colorado, our Lodge also boasts 8 comfortable hotel rooms and 11 RV slots.
  • Our Wedding Venue offers an indoor capacity of 350 people, a raised outdoor wedding feature, bridal dressing rooms, catering, custom lighting packages and more.
  • Our Clays Club offers shooters a choice of two Sporting Clays Courses, one Super Sporting Course, 5 Stand and Practice Trap. We host regular registered shoots, major sporting events, leagues, and are a proud partner of the NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association).

Our Story

Longmeadow Game Resort, Clays Club, & Event Center has come to be known as one of the most renowned hunting & shooting sports clubs in the area as well as a premier Colorado lodge & event center. However, it wasn’t always that way. Longmeadow’s history is a fascinating and inspiring story that stretches back over a century, and one that will continue well into the future.

And So It Was Called Longmeadow

Longmeadow Game Resort , Clays Club, And Event Center takes its name from the historical landmark that resides on the property—a little one-room schoolhouse built in 1908. Certainly seeing any resemblance to a long green meadow back in the day would have required a vivid imagination as one viewed the schoolhouse on the parched, dusty, prairie, just southeast of the small town of Corona—now known as Wiggins.

The story goes that a painter from back east finished painting the little schoolhouse and then asked, “What should we name it?” When there was no answer, he took up his brush—and probably dreaming of grassy pastures back home, he painted the name “ Long Meadow” on the whitewashed boards.


School House

the old longeadow school house with a class standing in front of the school house - About Longmeadow


Our Blood

longmeadow the town of Wiggins - About Longmeadow

Four Generations

Perhaps the name was prophetic—because after the dry years of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl in the 1930s came the introduction of irrigation, and with it, the area became a flourishing farmland of rich green crops of corn, hay, wheat, barley, beans and sugar beets.
Our family farmed this land for four generations—but as Colorado’s population grew, many more water wells were added upstream, which diminished the water table.

To survive, Wiggins farmers began planting fewer crops that required a lot of irrigation and more crops suited for the dry plains. And so, the area changed once again—and people who had once earned their living on the land sent their sons and daughters to college to find jobs outside the farming community.

Back to the Country

But the nostalgia of the country life we grew up with lured us back to the land and life we love—to find new and innovative ways to earn a living, and preserve the heritage of the land that is our home.

Thus, Longmeadow Game Resort was created, and from its success, Longmeadow Game Resort, Clays Club And Event Center. Now the goal is to share—at least in part—the life we grew up with, and care for the land our fathers and grandfathers preserved for us.

On this land where our great-grandfather attended the one-room schoolhouse that is still used today as Longmeadow Community Club—established in 1932—we want to carry on with part of their creed as well:

Let us serve as best we can; our God, our families, and our fellowman.

Time to get back to

Our Roots

portrait of the original land owners of longmeadow - About Longmeadow

A deep respect for


About Longmeadow

Stewards of the Land

Many years ago, Longmeadow Game Resort started planting natural habitats to help build up the pheasant population. Nearly two decades ago, Longmeadow became a licensed Game-bird Park with the Colorado Division of Wildlife enabling us to raise and release pheasant, quail and chukar, not only for our Colorado hunting grounds, but to replenish wild game populations and develop new areas of habitat.

Our efforts also have created a great natural habitat for dove migration—a testament to just some of the ways Longmeadow is committed to wildlife management, and ultimately, stewardship of the land.

Our family’s intimate knowledge of the surrounding land and wildlife,combined with our extensive hunting experience, has uniquely positioned Longmeadow as a place where even the most inexperienced hunter can be relaxed, engaged and enjoy their hunting experience with us.

Longmeadow in its current form was founded by the Stencel Family in 2005. When we first began, the focus was strictly on upland bird hunting including dove, pheasant, quail and chukar. Since then, hunting species have expanded to include goose, duck, prairie dog and coyote. Hunting habitat has expanded from around 2,000 acres to over 20,000 acres. In 2011 we opened our 12,000sf Colorado lodge and event center (Longmeadow Event Center) on our land to make our debut in the hospitality industry. Finally, in late 2016 we open our first sporting clays shooting course and is now one of the fastest growing segments of our business. What comes next – only God knows but, rest assured, we will be ready.

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