Colorado Coyote Hunting Package

at Longmeadow Game Resort

There’s nothing like calling coyotes on the high plains!

Colorado Coyote Hunting at Longmeadow Game Resort is an excellent way to try your hand at hunting the hunter! The challenge and thrill of calling in coyotes is something that every avid hunter should experience. These predators won’t just come running at the sound of any dinner bell, so using creative calls to bring them in can be half the fun. Predator and coyote hunting in Colorado also has the added bonus of helping protect local livestock.

Two Hunters with three dead coyotes at Longmeadow Game Resort

Eastern Colorado has some of the highest densities of Coyotes in the state and, here at Longmeadow, we have access to literally thousands of acres of prime predator hunting grounds. The area’s we hunt contain ample food sources including deer, antelope, rabbits, turkey, pheasants, livestock and more. Coyotes are opportunists so the more food sources available the higher the population.

DOW Dates are Year Round for Coyotes

Bag Limit: Unlimited

License: Small Game License Required 

Colorado Coyote Licenses | All hunters must comply with Colorado DOW rules and regulations at all times

1/2 Day Coyote Hunt

$300per person

Full Day Coyote Hunt

$500per person

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