How to Plan The Perfect Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

If you have ever tried to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party for a friend you know how stressful all the planning can be. Between picking the right Colorado party venue to coming up with the perfect activities to fill the night with fun, there certainly is a lot to take into consideration. That’s precisely why we’re here to help! Here are some great tips and tricks to help make it a night no one will forget, or regret for that matter.

Tips for Planning Bachelor Parties

Tip #1: Not Everyone Wants Strippers

We’ll start by saying that there is nothing wrong with taking the groom out for a good old night at the club or hiring some lusty entertainment for his bachelor party. However, for some people this might be a problem, and to put it plainly, not everyone wants strippers at their party. Some just might not enjoy it as much as others, and some people might have made a deal with their significant other to not partake in any scandalous or adults-only activities. Ask the groom first how they feel about it before you put down that deposit, and whatever they decide it is important to respect their wishes. After all, it is their night! 

Tip #2: Do Something Tailor Made for Them

This doesn’t mean taking them out to be fitted for a new tux, especially because we all know that the bride has already put them through enough of that. No, in this case we’re talking about taking them to do something they would truly love and enjoy. If the groom loves shooting clays, take him and a group of close friends out for a day on the course. If they love to watch football, get them tickets to a game. Whatever it is, make it about them and the things they love to do. Your bachelor party is sure to be far more successful if you follow this simple advice. 

Tips for Planning Bachelorette Parties

Tip #1: Don’t Be a Source of More Stress 

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough without having to worry about the bachelorette party. In this instance, it’s time to step up to the plate and be the best maid of honor you can be. Don’t let the bride-to-be worry about a thing. Take care of all of the planning from the venue, to the entertainment, and even the catering and guest list. It’s also important to run interference if someone tries to start drama. We all know the bride could use a break before the big day and it’s on you to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Tip #2: Make it About Her and Only Her

There are all kinds of fun things to do when throwing a bachelorette party. From silly games to crazy drink ideas, the possibilities are endless. It’s always good to try to make some of these activities more personal for the bride. A good way to do this is by going all in on the decorations. Another fun idea is to create a trivia game about their relationship and soon to be spouse with questions like “where did they first meet”, “how long have they been together”, and “does the groom prefer boxers or tighty whities”. These kinds of games will show your bestie that you truly care and know what they need, and gestures like this will help make the night even more special. 

An Good Rule to Plan By: One Last Night of Freedom 

For both bachelor and bachelorette parties it can be easy to get carried away. This is likely to be one of their last nights, if not the last night of their single life, so it’s important to make it something they will never forget. That being said, that means they have to be able to remember it in the first place! Whether you go out drinking or stay in and watch movies make sure they have a great time and try not to let them make any horrible decisions. Everyone loves to watch the fiasco unfold in the moment, but no one wants to deal with the hangover or fallout the next day. In the end, just be sure to pick something that really captures the spirit and personality of the guest of honor. 

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you to plan the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party for your friend, and hey, at least they should put you on the right path. If you or someone you know are looking for the perfect location to host such an event, as well as some extra help with the planning, you’ve come to the right place! Head on over to our Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties page for more info!


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