Colorado Duck Hunting

at Longmeadow Game Resort

Enjoy some of the most beautiful duck hunting grounds in all of Colorado!

Colorado duck hunting at Longmeadow runs from early October through January and primarily consists of flocks out of Montana, North & South Dakota, and Saskatchewan. Our Duck Hunting Grounds run along a beautiful, 1000 acre, wooded stretch of the NE Colorado, South Platte River. This private ranch is prime duck hunting habitat complete with multiple ponds, river bottom marshes and warm water slews. You won’t believe it tell you see it!

Your Longmeadow Duck Hunt includes:

  • Professional Guides
  • The Best Cover, Field Locations and Hunting Conditions
  • Proven Hunting Grounds
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • A Laid Back Guaranteed Good Time

What You Should Bring for Duck Hunting:

  • All DOW required licenses and stamps
  • Guns & Ammo: 12 ga. #2 or #4 steel shot
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Warm Weather Gear
  • Camo or Neutral Colored Goretex Waterproof Exterior Clothing
  • Small game, state & federal waterfowl stamps, HIP #
  • Hip available at or 1-866-COLOHIP

Youth Duck Hunt

$150per person

Longmeadow Duck Hunt

$250per person

Daily Bag Limits:

  • NORTHEAST ZONE AREA: East of I-25 and north of I-70
  • DATES: October 12th – December 2nd, 2019 | December 19th – January 31st, 2019
    • DUCK: 6, excluding mergansers. Up to 5 can be mallards, but no more than 2 can be female mallards. Included in the daily bag limit of 6, you can have no more than NEW 2 pintail, 2 canvasback, 2 redheads, 3 wood ducks and 3 scaup.
    • COOT: 15
    • MERGANSER: 5, only 2 can be hooded mergansers
  • POSSESSION LIMIT: 3 daily bag limits

Colorado Duck Licenses | All hunters must comply with Colorado DOW rules and regulations for the applicable area

Area: East of Continental Divide

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