5 Reasons Why Longmeadow is Colorado’s Premier

Dove Hunting Destination

As summer comes to close, we here at Longmeadow are looking forward to one thing above all else…the start of hunting season! Opening day for dove season is tomorrow, and we can’t wait to get out there and bag some birds. That being said, we want to take this opportunity remind everyone what makes  Longmeadow truly unique among Colorado’s top dove hunting destinations. Between the numerous luxury amenities at our lodge and event center, and the picturesque slice of the high plains that we proudly call home, we have a ton to offer our hunters.


If doves need one thing, it’s a nice place to roost. Before doves land in a field to search for food, they first like to scope out the area. Typically they’ll perch on a nearby tree or powerline to get the lay of the land and watch for predators. It’s also common for the birds to choose a roost close to a nearby field of grain so that they have easy access to an abundant source of food. Luckily for us, our game resort checks all of these boxes. From stands of old trees, to nearby farms, powerlines along the roadsides, and even the event center itself, there are plenty of perfect spots for the doves to make themselves feel at home here at Longmeadow.

a zebra dove foraging for food on the ground.


Birds are creatures of habit, and if there’s one habit they’re known for, its traveling together in flocks. Doves are no exception to this rule, and will likely land in places where other doves have already begun to roost. Their social nature makes it hard for them to pass over an area already teaming with their feathered friends. In order to jump start this dove party, Longmeadow staff begin setting up decoys ahead of opening day to try and attract as many birds as possible. By the time dove season actually kicks off, our fields are positively full of fluttering wings just begging to be harvested.


As with any animal, doves need a place to wet their whistles. Providing them with a quality waterhole ensures not only that the birds will land, but also that they’ll stick around for a while. Typically they prefer somewhere with a bare bank or shoreline so that they can stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any predators creeping through the underbrush. Here at Longmeadow we boast the only ideal watering holes for miles around, and feature bare banks and gravel pathways for them to search for tasty dove snacks. Our ponds are the perfect place for doves to stop and grab a drink, and with the South Platt River and its tributary creeks just a few miles to the north, you could say that Wiggins is a dove’s idea of paradise.

An image of a picturesque pond located on the Longmeadow Game Resort, Event Center, and Clays Club hunting grounds


The doves aren’t the only ones who need a drink after a long day in the fields! There’s nothing better than kicking back with a cold drink after a successful hunt, and thankfully Longmeadow is the perfect place to do just that. Our event center features a fully stocked bar that our hunters are welcome to visit after they’re done shooting for the day. Not only that, but we also have a full kitchen that can dish out hot, delicious meals upon request. Take a load off in the comfort of our climate controlled lodge before heading home or turning in for the night. Longmeadow is the ideal place to bag some birds, crack open some brews, and bask in the majesty of the high plains.

A picture of a frosty beer pitcher and two pints on the Longmeadow bartop - Catering In Eastern Colorado


Who says you have to go home after your hunt? Longmeadow is not only a world class game resort, but also a gorgeous hunting lodge and event center, fully equipped with numerous places to stay the night. We have 8 luxury, hotel-style rooms available year round, plenty of fully outfitted RV spots, and even a number of dry camping grounds. Whether you want to live the high life in the comfort of a warm bed, or rough it in close proximity to your prey, we’ve got something for everyone so that you can turn your hunt into multiple days of bird bagging fun.

Luxury Lodging & RV - Lodging in Eastern Colorado

So, as you can see, Longmeadow Game Resort is indeed Colorado’s premier dove hunting destination. With tons of accommodations and amenities for both the birds and the hunters, it’s no wonder why opening day for dove tends to fill up nearly a year in advance. While it’s too late to reserve a spot for opening day this year, we’ve still got plenty of room for anyone that wants to have an unforgettable dove hunting experience anytime throughout the rest of the 2019 season. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more awesome content on the Long Blog!

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