Are you ready to improve your dove hunting skills?

Dove Hunting in Colorado

Dove enjoy grains, weeds and water!

Opening day of dove season is a big day here at Longmedow and this year, like every year, it is sold out! Experienced dove hunters know that dove hunting is best earlier in the season, so be sure to book early!

Here are our tips for a successful dove hunting season at Longmeadow Game Resort and Event Center.


5 Tips for a Successful Dove Hunt:

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen Choose Your Weapons – We prefer Semi Auto Shotguns in 12, 16 or 20 gauge. Mourning dove are fast and the autoloader will allow you to get 2 – 3 shots off in a hurry. Be sure to buy smaller shot sizes giving you a wider spread.
  2. Food and Water – Dove on the move are looking for a drink and a snack as they migrate. Be sure to locate your self near some water. At Longmeadow we always have plenty of farm crops that are preferred dove food. Grains, millet, barley and water make eastern Colorado an attractive stopover.
  3. Concealment – Wear camo and earth tone colored clothes to blend in with the surroundings. We have plenty of brush and treelines that are ideal for hunter concealment. Dove have great eyesight so, stay hidden and remain still until you are ready to shoot!
  4. Decoys – We like the Mojo decoys. Dove will always be more inclined to come in if they see decoys placed on open ground, hopefully close to a water source.
  5. Be Patient – Wait until the dove is within about 40 yards. Patience is the key, move too soon and the birds will veer away, bring your weapon up in a smooth motion and you will be going home with a cooler full of doves.
Eastern Colorado Dove Hunting at Longmeadow Game REsort

4000 acres of prime dove country

2015 Dove Hunting Season

Mourning dove hunting in Colorado

Mourning Dove

Doves: Mourning and White Winged
Season: Sept. 1-Nov. 9
Area: Statewide
Daily bag limit: 15 singly or in aggregate for
either species
Possession Limit: 45 of either species



Eurasian dove hunting

Eurasian Dove

Doves: Eurasian Collared
Season: Year-round
Area: Statewide
Daily Bag Limit: Unlimited
New! Note: Eurasians must be fully feathered
while in the field and during transport, unless
counted as part of the mourning and/or whitewinged
dove bag limits.
New! Note: A license is not required, these are
considered an invasive species.

Every fall thousands of hunters head to a cutover grain field, a local watering hole or stream wetlands to hunt Colorado’s abundant mourning dove populations. As with all hunts here at Longmeadow, we feed you breakfast and lunch, we set the decoys and keep you supplied with cool beverages. After the hunt, you are welcome to relax and unwind in the Prairie Dog Hole.

Our favorite Dove Recipe:

Bacon just makes everything better, so believe us when we say we fell in love with these Dove Jalapeno Poppers!

Carter Smith’s Jalapeño Dove Poppers

15 whole plucked dove breasts
garlic salt
black pepper
1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese
15 jalapeño slices, each slice halved (fresh or canned)
2 packages regular-sliced bacon, cut in half

Bacon Jalapeno Dove Poppers

With a paring knife, separate breasts from breastbones to make 30 lobes. Sprinkle very lightly with garlic salt and pepper. Take a breast lobe, a bit of cream cheese, and a jalapeño slice and wrap in bacon. Secure with a toothpick. Grill over mesquite, oak, or charcoal for 3 to 5 minutes, then turn and continue grilling until bacon is crisp. Serves 8 to 10.