Sexiest Wedding Dresses 2019

Long sunny days, warm nights, and beautiful blushing brides, summer wedding season is right around the corner! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect dress for your big day, you’ve come to the right place. Longmeadow has put together this list of some of this year’s most stunning wedding dresses to help you get some ideas. You want to look your absolute best on that special day, so why not follow the example of these lovely ladies.


You want your dress to turn heads, and we think this one does just that! This gorgeous backless gown has stunning lace and an eye-catching “mermaid” style that is bound to make waves. Finding a dress that not only fits your body but also you inner self is crucial, and this woman is the perfect example of someone that found a gown to fit both her physique, and her soul.

A beautiful bride in a stunning wedding dress - Sexiest Wedding Dresses 2019
A front and back pair of images of a gorgeous bride in her wedding dress - Sexiest Wedding Dresses 2019


Looking good from any angle is important, but finding the perfect 360 degree show stopper doesn’t always have to break the bank. The folks over at DH Gate have some truly amazing wedding dresses on sale for some truly amazing prices. This breath-taking gown is currently retailing on their site for as low as $85.94! Looking this good at that price is a sure fire way to make sure that you’ve got all your angles covered.


Some wedding gowns posses an otherworldly quality that seems almost too perfect for this world. This stunning dress is the perfect example of such a garment, and the woman wearing it certainly knows how to pull this look off. While searching for your own ethereal masterpiece of a gown, should you come across something that makes this kind of impression, be sure to snatch it up right away!

A beautiful woman sporting a beautiful wedding dress
A blushing bride surrounded by white flowers - Sexiest Wedding Dresses 2019


While a wedding theme doesn’t have to be something too specific, it is at the very least fun and helpful to coordinate colors and patterns throughout the planning process. What better way to tie everything together than by finding a dress that perfectly matches the overall design of your big day! This beautiful bride and the flowery lace of her luxurious ballroom gown and cathedral train fit idyllically with the elegant floral arrangements surrounding her.


Perhaps you want to follow the example of these lovely ladies and take a more unconventional approach to finding your dress. High fashion “dresses” are all the rage these days, and if your looking for something that will make you stand out, this just might be the right style for you. Sometimes it’s fun to live on the edge, especially when it’s the cutting edge of fashion and style!

Three sexy women in outlandish "wedding Dresses" - Sexiest Wedding Dresses 2019
A gorgeous woman in a very revealing wedding dress


While this example may be a bit too revealing for some, there is no denying that this young woman looks absolutely amazing! What really matters is what your comfortable exposing in front of a crowd. Showing some skin is an excellent way to attract people’s attention, and with all the “nude” or see-through style dresses around these days, finding one that perfectly captures your beautiful curves shouldn’t be too hard.


One major factor to consider when searching for your wedding dress is how big of a train you want to have, if any at all. Some brides prefer a more elegant approach and choose to forgo the more traditional designs, while others fall in love with trains that could haul lumber! Either way, there is something out there for everyone, and while this young bride may be sporting an enormous train, there is not denying that she looks absolutely stunning.

A young bride in a gorgeous wedding dress with an enormous train - Sexy Wedding Dresses 2019
Bride and Groom, Enjoying Amazing Sunset on a Beautiful Tropical Beach, Romantic Married Couple


In the end, the thing that matters most is the feeling you get when committing your mind, body, and soul to that special someone. Your dress should reflect the way you feel about your future spouse, and in years to come will serve as a reminder of that incredible feeling you had when you married your soul mate. We wish you luck finding that perfect dress, and we know that whatever you choose, your significant other will love it!

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