For a shotgun wedding, here at Longmeadow, we recommend 20 gauge 7 ½ shot from a distance of about 20 yards.  Not enough to kill or maim, but enough to remind him to take extra special care of your daughter 😉  Seriously though, if you have to plan a wedding fast, here are a few tips to help you pull it off:

o   Date – Be flexible with the date!  This will open up many more options, especially when it comes to venues.

o   Venue – Select a venue that is a one stop shop! Save time by choosing a venue like the Longmeadow Event Center that can accommodate everything in one location – bridal dressing rooms, ceremony area, reception, catering, set-up, tear-down, accommodations – the full enchilada. Also look for areas that can double as the rehearsal space/dinner.

o   Dresses – Usually you would need to order your dress six months in advance, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find the perfect dress.  Try wedding dress emporiums like David’s Bridal  with large numbers of dresses in stock that can be easily altered.  Or, choose a dress that isn’t necessarily a wedding dress but will fit the bill.

o   Invitations – usually take six weeks, but if you work with a local printer or use an on-line, non-traditional invitation company, you can pull it off quicker. Try digital options with Red Stamp to help get the word out quickly and still with style.

o   Budget – Just because you’re working with a shorter timetable doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget by rush delivering those “must-have” items. Look for options available locally, and be flexible about the items you really need. Look for coupons to local stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. If you do have a little time to order, Oriental Trading has some great deals.

o   Decorations – DIY options are very popular and beautiful. Remember to keep it simple. There are plenty of ideas out there to make your day special. Just don’t drive yourself, or your wedding party, crazy trying to do very elaborate or expensive decorations.

o   Legal Info – Make sure to check your area’s legal details on wedding licenses, documents needed (like birth certificates and ID’s), and waiting periods. Make sure you’ve got all your paperwork in order before you make your romantic getaway.

Whether you need or want to get married in a hurry and without hassle, there are plenty of options to make your day a truly special one. No matter the timetable, your day is about love and a life together. Enjoy it.