It may be tempting to take a quick trip to Vegas or arrange a Shotgun wedding, but a great big wedding can be loads of fun too. Add some of these super fun wedding ideas to your big day to make yours a super fun wedding.

While great fun for adults, many of these ideas are also great to keep the kids occupied during the long day and evening. At Longmeadow Event Center, we have lots of outdoor space where these games can be enjoyed.

Field Day

teams playing field day activities

A Field Day will help get the Wedding Party and close family and friends acquainted. Play battle of the sexes style or mix and match the groups. Try these activities:

Water Balloon Toss

man screaming at water balloon toss

Because they are fun and a good kind of stressful


Bobbing for Wedding Rings

ice cube tray in shape of wedding rings

Use these cute ice cube trays to make your own ring bobbers.


Gem Slingshot Contest

image of backyard slingshot game plastic gemstone decorations

Build your own slingshot ahead of time and use it to see who can launch the “gems” the farthest.


“I Found My Match” Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt in sandbox stretchy crystal ring

Bury lots of items and colored rings but only 2 matching rings. The first person to find them wins for their team.


Cupcake Decorating Contest

cupcakes and decorating supplies

Use your wedding colors or theme as the challenge for the timed contest.


Sumo Wrestling

inflatable sumo wrestling suits

Let out a little stress in this super fun wrestling competition.


“Race You Down the Aisle” Flag Football

flag football team in action

Dress the endzones like altars. It’ll give a great visual for the players.


“Put a Ring On It” Hula Hoop Game

team building with hula hoops

Each team’s members hold hands and must get the hula hoop around every person. The first team to make it to the end of the line wins.


“Shake Your Tail Feather” Reception Dance Practice

Fun Wedding Ideas man dancing with kleenex box of ping pong balls taped to his hips

An empty Kleenex box filled with ping pong balls will test your dance skills. Shimmy and shake until all the ping pong balls are out of the box.


“Take the Plunge” Slip-N-Slide

fun wedding ideas adult slip n slide into a lake

Because why not? We have the muddy water! There’s no better way to end a great day of fun. Contractor’s plastic isn’t just for landscaping!


Create a Fun Aisle Runner

creative wedding aisle runners

Use a photo collage to tell your own love story. Or keep it simple and sweet.


Wedding Piñata

wedding pinata of roses

Have guests leave their special messages of advice, memories, predictions, etc. in a piñata the bride and groom will open on their first anniversary.

 Have Fun

Weddings can be very taxing on all involved. We see this all the time here at Longmeadow, months, even years of preparation come together on a single day. The best tip we can give you is to just relax and have fun!

With all the stresses of planning a wedding, keep one thing in mind: it’s a celebration. Use your big day to celebrate the love, the marriage, the family, and the friends. Make your special day as memorable and as exciting as possible with a super fun wedding. Life’s too short to do otherwise.

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